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End of Days?


I’ve been very absent lately as Sweetie and I travel back and forth and back and back and forth and forth between his family and my family in California.  We still have more traveling to do in the next week.  Then I should be back to regular blogging and reading and working. 

But, as I wrote before, I am recently addicted to this site:


I go and look at recent seismic activity.  Bizarre interest.  But there you go.

Which is how I found out about this:


Do you know there have been many small earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park for the last few days?  This news article is from Monday.  Today is Thursday.  And Yellowstone is still shaking every day according to the USGS site.

A less alarmist view is over here:


Anyway, I thought it was very interesting.  I wouldn’t even know about it if I had not checked out the earthquake website since I haven’t even been spending much time reading a newspaper the last couple of weeks.  Hmmm…..maybe running around is good for me.

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…I actually do have plenty of spare moments during the day.

It’s more like – my brain is SO scattered, I can’t seem to sit down and write anything. And I have some deep and meaningful thoughts in my head, believe me.

I also have random and unmeaningful thoughts in my head. It’s all there. Rattling around.

It must be humid right now. It’s really not that hot, but I cannot stop sweating. I feel like a sweaty, smelly lump. How nice.

Can I just say – as I’m working on so many wedding details….I am soooo happy Sweetie and I scheduled a honeymoon. We lollygagged for a looong time on that one. We were thinking we’d like to do a big international trip – maybe New Zealand. Maybe Switzerland and France. We talked about postponing the honeymoon until we could plan a big trip next year. Then, I told him – we need to just plan something for right after the wedding. There is a chance that, if we wait until next year, nothing will get planned. Also, I think we would really regret it if we didn’t take some time off right after the wedding.

So, we agreed on a place, I took charge and planned the whole trip. We are taking a shortish trip to Yellowstone. And we have our itinerary all laid out and our reservations made. And, as I frazzle around getting ready for the wedding, I keep picturing myself doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in gorgeous Yellowstone National Park. And boy – that is a very soothing thought. Very nice. Can’t wait. Calgon, take me awaaaay.

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