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I have a longer draft of what I want to say about this subject.  But I can keep adding to it until next week so I’ll summarize and, hopefully, post more later. Sarah Palin Twitters to her followers to “Reload.”  Then, she posts a graphic on her Facebook page with gun-sight targets representing several Democratic members of Congress who voted for the health care bill.  She may argue “I’m only talking about votes.”  Excuse me?  How many people use the term “Reload” in reference to the voting booth?

Why should we care?  Because people believe her.  They believe in her.  And some of these people are truly violent.  Why should we care?  Because the Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives (Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland) has already announced that – yes, he feels that members of Congress are at risk.  There have already been violent incidences against Representatives.   Is all the violent rhetoric coming only from Sarah Palin?  No.  There are plenty of others.  But she has a big fat bullhorn.  A much larger bullhorn than many other people in the world. 

And what is The Discovery Channel doing?  They are enlarging her bullhorn by paying her millions of dollars to paste her name onto a new show for them.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe just for the blatant ratings grabs that anyone seems to get from her name.  Why?  I don’t know.  They don’t need her name.  They have great shows.  Great programming. 

Part of the reason I’ve refrained from talking about Sarah Palin is because I myself don’t want to feed into the publicity hole that is her existence.  But I’ll post this so that I can say –

I’ve reported Sarah Palin’s offensive graphic to Facebook.

I am composing my own note to the Discovery Channel to express disgust with this decision.  And to let them know, as much as I love some of their shows, I will be boycotting all of them.

I am researching just how many organizations and advertisers are associated with the Discovery Channel.


I will be forwarding my note to as many advertisers as possible. 

Do I think any of this could possibly change The Discovery Channel’s decision?  Why not try?  Isn’t that why we write our elected officials and write letters to the editors of local newspapers and other things?  Viewership of the Discovery Channel must be HUGELY weighted with pro-science, pro-environment, anti-violence people.  We are the WORST target audience for anything related to Sarah Palin.  And we shouldn’t be shoved aside for ratings grabs targeting anyone who supports (or who just wants to gawk and laugh at) Sarah Palin.  The Discovery Channel needs to know this.   Believe me, this bums me out.  I don’t boycott lightly.  But even when I boycott all on my own – for reasons that I never even share with anyone – I do it seriously.  This is more than serious. 

MSNBC keeps giving me the wrong video instead of Steny Hoyer’s short press conference.  But he said had some pretty wise words.  If I can’t find the right link, I’ll try and transcribe a little.  One thing he said:

When people start talking in the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines, that if they don’t do something they will have physical harm done to them, that…other rhetoric of that type…..or they put a target on their faces with cross hairs, that activity ought to be unacceptable in our democracy.    The implication being that the consequences of acting in a democracy are somehow physical, with violence being acted upon those persons….that’s wrong.


There is a petition to boycott the Discovery Channel based on this decision to pay Sarah Palin over $1,000,000 per episode for the new show.  Much as it pains me to think about boycotting “Dirty Jobs” and other shows I enjoy, I meant it sincerely when I signed the petition.  I am done with the channel until they reverse this.  The petition’s goal just rose from 10,000 to 50,000 signatures, but I think it will need many more than that to even catch the attention of the executives at Discovery.  However, given the huge international demographics of the channel, there should be plenty of people outside the United States who would sign because I think many people in other countries view Sarah Palin as a joke.

The Petition is here:   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/21/boycott-the-discovery-channel-networks

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