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Werewolf Dream

Yesterday, Cheela shared one of her recent dreams on her blog. It was very fun to read.

As I’ve mentioned before, I often have very vivid dreams. I had a crazy one last night. I woke up thinking that I had a vivid dream. But I could not remember it. I tried not to think about it. And an hour later – pop! the whole dream popped back into my head. It was very emotional and very intense. In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would describe it here. (for those of you who know me – no one was stabbed in this dream)

I was in a suite of rooms with my brood. And by “brood”, I mean my kids. And by “kids” I mean werewolves.


 My sweet, precious little pack of werewolves. Reminds me a lot of Snow White and Bigby Wolf’s pack of cubs from the Bill Willingham comic book “Fables.” Because most of them looked half-wolf.  Anyway, my kids and I were romping around these big pillows next to a large wardrobe. I was walking around the room, and when I walked back, the pups/kids were all gone. I figured they were hiding in the wardrobe and opened the doors.  And they were inside. But I couldn’t get in. There was a shimmering force-field of energy in front of me, and I couldn’t reach in and grab my kids. Then, one of them *popped!* away. The other kids starting looking around in panic, realizing something bad was going on. Then, another one *popped* and was gone. I frantically tried to break through the force field. I was yelling at my kids to come to me but, of course, they couldn’t get through either. I ran to the door of our suite to get help. There were a bunch of people on the other side of the door, but there was another force-field on the door. Which stayed in place until all my kids had popped away.


Then I ran out. Into the waiting arms of……a bunch of vampires?


 Yes. It appears that my spouse was a vampire. I myself must have been part werewolf. So our kids were part human, part werewolf, and part vampire. And there were all these vampires around me trying to figure out what had happened. They figured out that their people (other vampires) had taken my kids back to the vampire world to get rid of some helpless werewolves. I guess we were all living in exile from the vampire world, but my husband’s friends and family could go back to the vampire world if they wanted. They told me they would go back and try and find and rescue my kids. But I was adamant that I would go with them. No matter that a part-werewolf would be instantly killed in the home world of the vampires. I wanted to find my pups!


(now, I should note that throughout this dream, the vampires didn’t really look like typical vampires. No fangy teeth. Only slightly pale. Just tall, striking, human-looking men and women. But somehow I knew they were vampires.)


The vampires told me I could not go because I could not breathe the air in their world. I would die anyway. But I told them I could wear a breathing mask, and I’d be ok. They very reluctantly agreed. They brought me something that looked like a snorkel mask and I put it on over my face.


A big group of vampires and I walked over to an indoor pool. We ringed the whole pool and held hands. We were going to jump straight in, and this would take us to the vampire world. I grabbed a hand on either side of me, looked around, and felt very grateful that there were so many people willing to help me. At some silent signal, we all jumped into the pool. I immediately fell slowly through this gloopy, viscous liquid. It was such a strange sensation. I hit bottom and looked around for someone I knew. But I turned around and faced a vampire I didn’t know. And somehow, he instantly knew I wasn’t a vampire. And I started to feel a lightening-bolt tingle of pain going through my body.


Because I was still in the gloopy pool and not completely in the vampire world, I was able to go back to my world. I screamed at the people above the pool to pull me out. Which they did before the vampire guy killed me. So they dragged me out and looked at me and said “Oh yeah, we should have remembered. You don’t have vampire eyes. You are instantly recognizable as a non-vampire. You can’t go back.” I guess vampire eyes were sort of red and glowing.


But again, I protested. I was going to go get my kids! So, I started yelling at them “No! Look! I can push my hair over my eyes and they won’t be able to see my eyes!”


I started shoving hair beneath my snorkel mask and tried to push it over my eyes to cover them. My friends looked dubious. I could tell they really didn’t want me to die, but they also knew they could not stop me. So, they agreed, and I jumped back into the pool. I got to the bottom and emerged into the vampire world. I walked around, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone else. Somehow, I was able to breath because after I emerged, my snorkel mask was no longer on my face. But I still kept my hair over my eyes and avoided contact with anyone.


And that’s about all I remember. I was walking frantically around all sorts of places – long hallways, a large cafe
teria, offices, bedrooms. I never found my kids before I woke up. I never found my vampire friends. Although I did find a very striking, mesmerizing male vampire who looked at me, knew I wasn’t a vampire, but didn’t try to kill me. Somehow, I had the feeling my intent search for my pups was about to be quite distracted.

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