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I read this (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25145431/) this morning and it just bummed me out.

Tim Russert dies today at age 58.  For a news junkie like me, it’s rare to sit and watch a political analyst and television show host without the bluster, the grumbling, the crankiness, and the pompousness of so many other hosts.  Tim Russert could get his point across quietly and clearly and respecitvefully.  I have to say, in the last few months of election coverage, he was tending to ramble a little bit during this nightly discussions with Brian Williams on the national news.  But I just smiled and thought “Tim, what are you saying here Tim?”  On Meet the Press, he was extraordinary.  It was nice to watch a host ask probing questions and be tough without seeming to take glee in it.   Tim Russert was a hard working man.  He loved his family.  He wrote a book about his dad.  He wrote a book about his dad.  I think that is pretty nice.

Farewell Mr. Russert.  Thanks for all the hard work and smart words.

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