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So………instead of filling out one deposit slip and putting all my checks and cash into one envelope and putting the one envelope into the ATM, I now have to stand at the stupid ATM for minutes on end shoveling check after check one by one into the idiotic smart machine while it grinds through the process of trying to read each individual check, confirm the amount or ask ME for the amount on the check if the handwriting sucks, and then ask me to feed in the next check or piece of cash. 

And this is supposed to be more convenient, HOW??? 

Seriously people?  Was it that hard to learn how to fill out a deposit slip and use them? 

Stupid technology.


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Are You Stupid??

Watching years of figure skating and other winter sports, including many many Olympics, I have often thought this exact same thing when I hear an idiot newscaster trying to conduct an interview right after an event.

Bravo Sven Kramer!

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