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It’s that time of year again – December. You know – eggnog (yuck), Christmas music (nice), good will and long lines, and – oh! Holidailies.

True to form, I crashed and burned on my NaNoWriMo attempt this year. The story took off like gangbusters in my head but sputtered out on the screen.  Someday I may return to it.  Although what I would really like to do is go back and properly edit my successful NaNo story and see if there is anything truly publishable from it.  Ahhh……goals.

I will try and stay a little more focused during Holidailies. Holidailies is based on a simple concept.  Participants try to update blogs every day from December 7 to January 6.  There is a Holidailies-equivalent for every month of the year so I’m not sure why I pick the December month to marathon blog. 

I’m sure I will have time most days this month to blog.  It’s only difficult when I factor in all the traveling Sweetie and I will be doing between now and January 6 – back to California, from my mom’s house to his mom’s house to friends’ homes to everywhere-in-between, and back to Maui again.  But then, blogging will probably be a good break from the Christmas activity.

You can check out all the fun over at Holidailies.   Oh – and by the way – for people who have wandered over from Holidailies, I should probably make the same admission here I did on Multiply – I am being a bit unfaithful to my blog.  For the last several years, my blog migrated from Yahoo to Multiply.  I’m re-starting some blogging over here on WordPress while I try and decide if I want to move here permanently or just keep flirting with this site.  If you want to see most of my recent blogs, you can mosey over here: http://stonegirlblog.multiply.com/.  I know.  It’s a pain and confusing, but what can I say? I’m fickle. 

For those of you ambling over from Holidailies, I suppose the question of the day is:  Just who exactly is this Stone Girl?

hmmmm…..good question.  I may have to steal from past introductions….

Who am I?  I am more than three names and less than the legacy of my four grandparents.  I am a world-traveling homebody.  I am an insomniac and vivid dreamer.  A wife to my Sweetie, daughter to my mom, Lil Sis to my Big Sibs, Aunty to my nephews, and you-gotta-love-me friend to my pals.  A recovering workaholic who has learned how to slack off while living in Maui.  Raised in small-town California.  Born in small-town Europe.  Technical writer.  Creative writer.  Blogging writer.  Laugher, crier, worker, player.  Hiker, music-lover, piano player, seeker, and student-of-life.   Environmental analyst, which means few people understand exactly what I do for a living.  I am comfortable in my own skin and always trying to grow a little more.   Loyal Aggie.  Lactose intolerant.  An open-minded Christian who counts the Dalai Lama as one of my only heroes.  Comic book collector.  Professional when I need to be, goofy by nature.   I believe in self-reliance for myself and helping others when I can.  

My cube was opaque and slightly iridescent. 

Who are You?

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 This was way too fun.  Go to the South Park Studio HERE and you can create your own South Park alter ego. The site has tons of clothes, face, hair, etc. options. You can really create a unique character.  What you can’t seem to do, however, is save the image. I tried to fix up my screenshot. Hence, the small size  (is it time to reveal I am not very tech-savvy?).  Supposedly the real South Park site has the same game/tool, but they have less options, and I was already done with mine.

This is mine.  She’s a bad ass. Perhaps I shall name her “Truculena.”

Have fun! Share your characters with me!

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