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So, why were Sweetie and I just staying in San Diego for a few days?

Well, the main thing that took us to southern California was The Boys.

I tell my Sweetie that Curt and Roland are My Boys because, well…..we’ve been together for so long. Yes, musically I am still sometimes a child of the 80s. And a huge part of my musical 80s was Tears for Fears. Huge. Loved them. Still do. From the raw power of The Hurting, experimental greatness of Seeds of Love (not that song, but the rest of the album), go-it-aloneness of Elemental, and even through the slightly excruciating “comeback” reunion of Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, I am a Tears fan in my soul. So is my pal, T. And when we found out that they would be playing in San Diego at Humphrey’s by the Bay, we jumped at the chance to see them again. Fourth time for us.

We ate dinner last night – the three of us and Sweetie’s buddy in San Diego who we have been staying with. Fantastic meal at Cafe Sevilla in San Diego. Tapas. Yummmmm…….

I know. I know. You are thinking “Is there any food on earth that Stone Girl *doesn’t* like??”

But really. Tapas are so good. You know tapas? You must try tapas. From the cafe’s website:

Tapas are Spanish appetizers or hors d’oeuvres, a few of these tasty little dishes selected from an infinite variety can make a full meal.

Long before the discovery of America it was obligatory for innkeepers to serve food with wine, so a tasty morsel of cured ham, chorizo, cheese or olives were served on a small plate which covered the jug of wine like a lid, top or “tapa.”

Tapas are an extension of the spontaneous Spanish character, chosen and eaten at whim, accompanied by wine, sherry, beer or sangria, to be shared with friends in a convivial setting, with folk songs, dance and lively conversation.

The Cafe was a great place to have tapas. And Sangria. mmmmmm……good sangria.

But I digress.

After dinner was the concert. Which was good. And you know, good is ok. It was not the best Tears concert ever (nothing can beat the Seeds of Love, with Oleta Adams and a grand piano on stage, the energy of the first three albums, and the FANtastic version of Famous Last Words). But last night was good because, hey The Boys only performed three shows in California, and I love to see them live, and they at least played a few older songs. Again, I think the weakness was the last album, and they played almost everything off that album. Roland said something to the effect that the reviews for the album (when it came out two years ago) were “remarkable.” Remarkable was the word he used, in a tone of voice that says he understands why it got less than rave reviews. Or maybe he doesn’t. But he deserves rave reviews for their whole body of work, and for his awesome voice, which seemed to be in full force last night. And made me wish they would go back into the studio together and create something original and powerful like the old albums. Like their old primal scream therapy via music. What better thing to do, sometimes, than just “Shout?”

Was it perfect for me? No. Perfect would have included Year of the Knife and Famous Last Words. But oh well. The crowd was pretty excited, Curt and Roland seemed comfortable and slightly goofy on stage, as they always were. T and I got to relive a bit of that giddy feeling of long ago. We danced and I sang my tone-deaf heart out.

And I got to see Tears for Fears live with my Sweetie by my side. Which is a very very special thing. Which is a whole other story.

DId you know, if not for Tears for Fears, Sweetie and I may not have gotten together?

He doesn’t really believe that. He thinks he would have, no matter what. But, I gotta say, The Boys had a little something to do with that.

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Yes, I was home for a whole week and a half. So, it was time to jump back on a plane again.

Woo.Hoo. Loads of fun.

But here we are! Sweetie and I flew into LAX again today and are staying with his buddy near San Diego. Got a few fun things planned for the weekend. Not to mention, how many times in my life have I just happened to be in San Diego at the exact same time as Comic Con?? How many? Uh…never. Hmmm…

Anyway, I guess I should get used to California time again and just go to sleep soon. Today’s flight was one of those Hawaii-Mainland flights that makes me never want to have children. Loud, loud children. Children literally sprinting down the aisle. I wanted to trip that little girl sooo badly. Is that wrong?


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