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It’s late and I should be in bed, so I’ll just throw out a random hodgepodge of brain spew.

Finding myself back in my old company, which I left several years ago right after a merger/acquisition, I am somewhat amused to be plopped right back into a newly-announced merger/acquisition. If I hadn’t left, I could say I’ve worked in the same building for 12.5 years, yet have worked for three different companies. Not too unoriginal in this day and age of consolidation and the death of small companies. Sad. Interesting. Could be good. Good be bad. We shall see.

I learned of the death today of Senator Ted Stevens and, among other things, thought of the blog I wrote a few years ago about Senators Larry Craig and Ted Stevens. I can’t say that Mr. Stevens was someone I admired in any way, shape, or form. But tragic accidental deaths are sad, and I send my condolences into the ether in the general direction of his family and friends. I feel almost bad that I ended that blog referring to another anti-environment Congressperson who died tragically in a moving-vehicle accident. But only as bad as either one of them ever felt about the eradication of many many species of animals living on Earth.

Am I the only one that noted that last week, during the exact same time we had a large solar flare hit the planet, we have 6 earthquakes over 6.0 in magnitude in less than 36 hours? I check the USGS site almost every day. That is not quite normal. But don’t worry. My co-worker who specializes in geology, hydrology, and hazards just laughed at me when I mentioned the correlation to her.

It’s August 10 (yesterday was 8-9-10) and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent over half the year apart from my husband. *sigh* Even for us, that’s quite a large percentage. But I spent a bunch of time in California looking for a job while he was working in Hawai’i. Then, we both moved over here in July and he has spent half of July in another state working. He just left tonight for a 2-day class in the Bay Area. I should be used to saying goodbye. And I shouldn’t worry because I can easily spend 12+ hours at work the next couple of days. But you know what? It still sucks.

I know I’m pretty bad about spending time on this blog updating y’all about what is really going on with me. That was the original intent of the blog. But I haven’t been very good at it. Here’s an update – Sweetie and I are home-shopping. It’s fun. And slightly exhausting. And nerve-wracking. I’ve discovered what I’m sure every other house-hunter in the world has – at this point in time, I wish my Super Power was “Being Able to Mix and Match All the Best Things from Several Different Houses Into the PERFECT House for Me.”

*sigh* Tis not to be. This one has a fabulous kitchen but crap construction. This one has a pool but an ugly backyard. This one is sooooooo cute and soooooo unique, but there is no way I can fit more than one piece of furniture in the living room. This one has great inner space but is in a less-than-desirable-location. And on and on and on. Right now, I think our favorite candidate house is one with: some awesome space inside (large living area); some super-awesome funky-cool details (70’s-like entryway, room partition and fireplace (looks way better than it sounds); and an incredible backyard; but also has a small very outdated kitchen and location issues (a little too close to the freeway). I’m thinking we can live with the drawbacks. Assuming we buy new appliances. But I don’t know. Do we throw out an offer to nab it now? Or do we keep shopping around in hopes of finding something better?

Don’t know. We’ll figure it out. I’m going to do more recon – try and drive around during different times of the day and get a better feel for the neighborhood and noise. Sweetie does NOT understand me when I try and explain that I get “feelings” from houses. I’m not talking ghost-of-your-dead-dog-in-the-backyard or anything like that. I just get feelings about the general flow of a house. Dare I say energy? No, I better not. But I get feelings as to whether or not *I* would be happy in a space. And I need to listen to those feelings because, as much as I liked many things about the house my parents moved into after I went to college, I could NEVER EVER sleep well in it. Even for me, it was bad. But I would only visit. I can’t live in a house that is like that every day. Anyway. Feelings. Sweetie doesn’t get it. But it’s another check-mark in my brain. And this house may get a positive mark.

The search is still young. I’m sure I’ll have a different story to tell in a week. There’s your update for now.

Aloha and good-night.

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My green beans were tasty and the family enjoyed them.

My cold is mild and I’m stuffy but I don’t feel like I’ve been run over with a truck even though I was hoping that I wasn’t really sick, that it was just my chronic throat pain, but why would I think that because I always seem to get sick when I come back to California in winter.

The house was warm.

Sweetie’s family is together.

Only one of my presents coming in the mail will probably be late and Sweetie already has something to open tomorrow. 

I followed my mother’s lead and wrapped a couple presents a day the past week and didn’t spend all day today wrapping gifts. 

The sun was shining today.

Sweetie and I are in the same state!

My mom spoiled me with a wonderful dinner this past weekend and we will get to see her, Big Sibs and the nephews soon to celebrate post-Christmas.

All of our travelers arrived safely.

Tomorrow there will be more food and catching up and definitely at least one game of Settlers of Catan.

Tomorrow there will be homemade apple pies and butter-soaked rolls.

If I stop writing now and stop retrospecting so hard, I won’t feel sad about some things that are too hard to explain anyway.

Did I mention my green beans were tasty and the family enjoyed them??

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I have this urge…

….when I am in the Taco Bell drive-through to say “To go!” at the end of my order.

Uhhhh…..I’m in my car in the drive-through.  Obviously, my order is to go.



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…I actually do have plenty of spare moments during the day.

It’s more like – my brain is SO scattered, I can’t seem to sit down and write anything. And I have some deep and meaningful thoughts in my head, believe me.

I also have random and unmeaningful thoughts in my head. It’s all there. Rattling around.

It must be humid right now. It’s really not that hot, but I cannot stop sweating. I feel like a sweaty, smelly lump. How nice.

Can I just say – as I’m working on so many wedding details….I am soooo happy Sweetie and I scheduled a honeymoon. We lollygagged for a looong time on that one. We were thinking we’d like to do a big international trip – maybe New Zealand. Maybe Switzerland and France. We talked about postponing the honeymoon until we could plan a big trip next year. Then, I told him – we need to just plan something for right after the wedding. There is a chance that, if we wait until next year, nothing will get planned. Also, I think we would really regret it if we didn’t take some time off right after the wedding.

So, we agreed on a place, I took charge and planned the whole trip. We are taking a shortish trip to Yellowstone. And we have our itinerary all laid out and our reservations made. And, as I frazzle around getting ready for the wedding, I keep picturing myself doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in gorgeous Yellowstone National Park. And boy – that is a very soothing thought. Very nice. Can’t wait. Calgon, take me awaaaay.

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Why is it that….

ok, explain this one to me – you have a fitted sheet for your bed. This is the one that goes on the bottom that is elasticy and it fits the mattress and doesn’t move around (for you guys who have never made a bed. ha! sorry).

Unless your bed is perfectly square, your mattress – and your fitted sheet – is longer on one side than the other.

So, there you stand….with fresh sheets….ready to make your bed….and you got a fitted sheet in your hand. And you have a mattress. Sheet. Mattress. Four sides. Four corners. You grab a corner of your fitted sheet, you aim for a corner of your mattress. You slip it on. You pull the side to the other corner.

Four corners. Four sides. Two sides lengthwise. Two sides widthwise. Statistically speaking (which I hate doing – having almost flunked upper level stats in college), you have a 50-50 chance of matching up the right corner of your sheet to the correct corner of the bed.

50-50. 50%. A one in two chance of success.

Why is it that, in all my days and years of making a bed – I NEVER MATCH THE RIGHT CORNERS?! Never. Not ever. Even when I stretch the sheet out to gage which is the long side. Even when I reach for the corner of the mattress and think “Uhh ohhh…you’ve made the wrong choice! Abort mission! Re-start! Re-do! Computer, end program!” and I switch corners…..only to be wrong AGAIN. I’m always wrong. Why is that?

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