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Oh fine…

…I’ll weigh in on this stupid debacle.

I can’t begin to count the many reasons why I don’t feel sorry for Paris Hilton. AND why I don’t feel angry at the judge who sentenced her. I wasn’t going to comment on this mess that is blown up by the press. However, several commentaries require response. Folks have been saying that the judge did give Ms. Hilton special treatment – in reverse – by issuing a much harsher sentence than other people might receive. There was an idiotic commentary on the Huffington Post yesterday by Charles Karel Bouley. He complained about tax-payer resources going towards watching over innocent little Paris, who should be able to serve her time at home. He said she is only going to jail because she is a rich, bit**y heiress, and we like to knock down those we build up. No, Mr. Bouley, she is going to jail because SHE BROKE THE LAW. And then, the ever-verbose Geraldo Rivera says similar things today. That the judge should be ashamed for being so harsh.

Oh shut up. That’s what I say.

You people are lambasting a judge for sending someone to prison for 45 days? Which probably would have been 23 days if she had stayed put. For what? What started as reckless driving related to alcohol. What does that mean? She was DRIVING AFTER DRINKING. Over the California legal limit. She was not supposed to drive. She was supposed to go to alcohol counseling. She kept driving. She has not yet gone to any counseling/classes. Why is 45 days in jail so harsh? Why is it so harsh to bring the hammer down on her? What lesson is she ever going to learn sitting at home? Has she yet learned about substance abuse? I doubt it. Not just because of her own behavior. Not just because she never checked into a program. But also this – is she the kind of person who looked at people like Ms. Lohan and Ms. Spears and said “Hey, you have a serious substance abuse problem. You need to stop this behavior and go get help before you kill yourself (or someone else).” Did she ever do that for her “friends?” No, she said “Yo girls, come party with me. Get your bad-girl pics in the paper. Party!” What’s to stop her from driving drunk again? What’s to stop her from watching people she knows die from these abuses? What’s to stop her from causing an accident that could kill someone? In the face of that, why is 45 days, or 23 days , so harsh?

As for her own breakdown, that’s pathetic. If she really is on the edge of a breakdown, I gotta ask “What the hell did her parents ever teach her?” She seems to have not one clue about how to stand on her own two feet. It seems like her parents have indulged her publicity obsession. Did they not teach her she can adapt to life if everything is not always handed to her on a silver platter? How does she think her mom is going to help her now? Has her mom helped her do everything in life? Isn’t it Paris herself who learned to preen and smirk in front of the camera? Personally, I don’t like the idea of going to prison. I’d be scared too. But I wouldn’t think so little of myself that I would think for sure it would kill me. And what’s to deal with for her? She gets her own cell. She is separated from the other inmates. That eliminates the scariest part of prison. Why can’t she just take a couple of books and catch up on some reading. Is she going through drug and alcohol withdrawals? Maybe she would know how to deal with that if she ever attended the programs she was ordered to.

So, I think the press should just shut up and let her serve her time. And I think she should. And if she really, really, is not mentally strong enough to sit in a cell for 20 days or so, by herself, without makeup and cameras and a strong drink, then you gotta ask – is she mentally strong enough to deal with non-stop publicity? Maybe she should just retire from the party life when she gets out of jail and find a real job. If she’s strong enough to act like she owns the world, she should be strong enough to face the consequences of not actually owning it.

grrrr….grrrr….rant over.

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