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Ha ha.

This letter falls under the category of “I would write something like this myself.”

This appeared in the paper today in the Letters to the Editor:

I know this is going to break some hearts, but a long and arduous study has revealed that these jacked-up trucks with loads of chrome shocks, fat tires and dangerously elevated above normal bumper height do not facilitate masculinity. Sorry, guys, try one of the magic pills.

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This one takes the cake.

You know how I’ve mentioned that, being a small newspaper and all, the paper here in Maui seems to print every letter that is sent to it? It makes for some funny reading sometimes, as I like to share on this blog.

Yesterday, they printed a letter from a reader with a complete urban legend in it. Personally, I think that does a disservice to their readers, even if you want to be nice and print every single person’s letter. But, geeeez, even I vet e-mails and such before I ever forward them. Snopes.com is a wonderful site.

I’m not going to reproduce the hogwash here. It’s the misinformation about why Starbucks didn’t send free coffee to Iraq. It’s NOT TRUE. Not the way the story goes around. It’s an urban legend. Booooo on the Maui News for allowing misleading lies to be printed in their newspaper, no matter the source.

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From time to time, I like to share some of the slightly off-the-wall letters that show up in our local paper. I think this one fits in the category of “The Maui News will print every letter it receives.”

Not sure how to interpret half of this letter, and I think I disagree with the rest.

From today’s Letters section:

Young people should understand the following:

This is your life. It does not belong to God, the devil, the state, the church, your parents or your friends. You experience the consequences of your choices. Make sure your choices are not the result of parental, societal, religious or national conditioning. Only you know who you are. No one else has any idea. No one else knows what’s best for you. Sexuality is for everyone, marriage and baby making are not. Patriotism and organized religion will part you from your life. Far better is it that you become a happy failure than a sad success. Do not support killing, for your table or your principles. Do not waste wishes on yourself. We are all on a joyous tightrope-race; lingerers are lost. You are the ultimate judge of yourself. Nothing thought about you by others is true, actual, relevant or helpful. Everyone sees everything through his or her own aura. No one, therefore, sees anyone else clearly. No matter what a person says, he is talking about himself. Your dream may come from a seed planted in you by chance, destiny, the deeds of your past or by your soul. Your dream is your map. Ask no one for directions. Tell no one of your dream. Never reveal the secrets of your heart.


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