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Who is the easiest person for you to talk to?

My Sweetie. And my Big Sis.

If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose?

I think, to learn about my own heritage, I would choose Geneva.

Some history:

Geneva was the name of a settlement of the Celtic people of the Allobroges. The name of Genava (or Genua) in Latin appeared for the first time in the writings of Julius Caesar in De Bello GallicoGallic Wars., his comments on the

After the Roman conquest it became part of the Provincia Romana (Gallia Narbonensis). In 58 BC, at Geneva, Caesar hemmed in the Helvetii on their westward march. In the 9th century it became the capital of Burgundy. Though Geneva was contested among Burgundians and Franks and the Holy Roman Emperors, in practice it was ruled by its Prince-bishops, until the Reformation, when Geneva became a republic.

The first of the Geneva Conventions was signed in 1864, to protect the sick and wounded



One of the most important events in Geneva’s history is l’Escalade (literally: “the scaling of the wall”). For the people of Geneva, l’Escalade is the symbol of their independence. It marked the final attempt in a series of assaults mounted throughout the 16th century by Savoy, which wanted to annex Geneva as its capital north of the Alps. This last assault happened on the night of 11-12 December 1602 and is celebrated yearly in the Old Town with numerous demonstrations and a parade of horses, cannons and armed men in period costumes.

Geneva, or officially the Canton & Republic of Geneva, became a canton of Switzerland in 1815.

The first of the Geneva Conventions was signed in 1864, to protect the sick and wounded in war time.

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed?

Tears for Fears – Sowing the Seeds of Love concert. Yeahhhhh.

Main Course
If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt?

I would attend a church service. People wouldn’t know what to think of it. A celebrity?! She walked into this big building….with a…..oh what is that?……a steeple…..and what the heck is that?…….a bell tower?…….and what are they doing?…….they are talking, and listening, and singing!…..the scandal!……and she���s saying outrageous things like “Don’t get high and then drive your car!”….and ���Don’t neglect your own kids!���…..we’ve never seen a celebrity act this way! Holy crap.

What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child?

uhhh…..what? Whenever two parents are somewhat financially, emotionally, and mentally ready. Not that any couple is ever exactly ready. But once you are – go for it. Be you 22 or 32 or 42.




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