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1.  There has been (and continues to be) quite an earthquake swarm in Nevada.  According to (one of my favorite I-am-a-nerd-blogs) Eruptions: There is the interesting coincident that the focus of the swarm is near the Auroa Volcanic Field – however, Graham Kent from the director of the Nevada Seismological Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno, doesn’t think a volcanic eruption is likely.  Eruptions blogger notes that Nevada has seen many earthquake swarms over the past few years (true, says I) and none have led to volcanic activity.

2.  Life is generally good.  Sweetie and I are enjoying our house and the endless list of projects (mostly his!) that come with it.  He is currently constructing two raised veggie boxes for me to plant our own crops.  I am very happy about this!  We inherited, in the backyard of this house, a couple of nice artichoke plants.  I have managed to not kill them yet and they are producing a nice little crop of artichokes.  Wonderful!  I picked three the other day, cooked them up, and served them with my mom’s patented (should be) artichoke dipping sauce.  Delicious! 

3.  Work is good and sometimes crazy.  True to form, my work and overlapping deadlines sometimes results in weeks like last week where I have to work 13 to 15 hours for a while.  Not true to my old (younger self) form, I can’t maintain that level of work/brain effort for very long.  I worked so hard for most of last week, I crashed on Friday.  Went to a meeting I couldn’t reschedule and then came home, hugged my Sweetie, wasted time on the computer, and went to see a movie.  We saw Hanna.  It was good, but not as good as I was expecting. Good, but I was expecting more there there.  But fine because, heck, I was NOT working. I won’t link to the movie trailer because I think it shows too much.  But I will link to a short clip featuring some of the brilliant soundtrack from The Chemical Brothers. That particular music piece was probably my favorite in the movie, but others were quite good.  If you like that sort of thing at all, you’d love the soundtrack.  Sweetie and I definitely appreciated the soundtrack. 

4.  I was thinking of writing a separate blog called “Why I don’t blog about Sarah Palin.”  But then I thought “Well, really.  I don’t blog much at all these days so that seems like a silly title.”  But there actually is a reason I don’t blog about her.  Not that I don’t read about her.  I do.  And there has been plenty to read about lately.  I could say all sorts of things.  The ridiculousness of her posing as some sort of political analyst for Fox News.  How much her reality show (and all the rest of her goings-on) does nothing to really promote the great state of Alaska since she resigned as Governor.  The hypocrisy of her daughter prancing around lecturing about abstinence while supported by a group that advertises abstinence with a close-to-pornographic picture of a young girl wrapped around a guy.  ?  Yeah, that makes sense.  We have to be hip for the young kids and then expect them to absorb a message completely opposite from the visual.  How I don’t really believe most of the conspiracy theories about Trig’s birth.  Mostly because I subscribe to the same belief for almost ALL conspiracy theories: If there were more than 3 people involved, it’s not very likely that a much-talked about conspiracy theory wouldn’t be able to provide proof by now.  I could throw in my two cents about her actions surrounding her son’s birth (was she trying to self-abort for 8 months, including the last few days? maybe).  All of these things (and much more) could have been separate blogs.  But I don’t bother.  Why?  Because when I wrote this, my main interest was that this dear country that I live in not make the horrendous mistake of electing this woman to any high office in this country.  Not in 2012.  Not ever.  I said I didn’t want her on the national stage.  There is nothing I can do about the fact she is all over the national airwaves.  There is nothing I can do about the fact that educated people I know seem to love and support her, blinded by her messages of Faith Faith Faith God God God, without realizing (or acknowledging) what a wicked truly twisted person lies beneath.  But as for high office, I don’t worry about it anymore.   She is a non-entity.  If she runs, it will be for the publicity and her own narcissistic satisfaction.  She is not a viable candidate.  Not for her potential scandals.  Not for her prostituting herself and her family for any amount of cash that can come her way.  And not because she can’t seem to form a coherent sentence on the fly.  But because of this:  She quit.  She quit, ladies and gentlemen.  She was elected to an executive office to serve a term for the voters who cast their ballot for her, and WHAT DID SHE DO?  She quit.  Game over.  Buh bye.  No excuses (should every potential lame duck executive quit??). What more do I, a mere blogger who talks about food as much as I talk about politics, need to say?  Pretty much nothing.  Why do I mention it now?  Because potential candidates are starting to proclaim their intentions right now and there may be another buildup of support for her.  And I may note it as it happens.  But do I honestly believe she has a snowball’s chance in a Texas wildfire to be elected President?  No.  And I trust that a large majority of people of this good country know this too.

5.  If I can’t get my act together and blog more, I resolve to at least be better at reading, and hopefully chiming in at, other folks’ blogs. 

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I’ve refrained from talking about the former VP candidate/Governor Quitter for a while but she certainly likes to keep herself in the headlines.  She’ll be touring for her new book soon. 

If you are like me, you have received e-mails from people who advocate boycotting coins that don’t have “In God We Trust” on them.  This chain e-mail goes on and on about refusing to accept these coins from business people, etc.  People who send me e-mail forwards know that (or should know) I am prone to fact-checking and will respond to the whole dang e-mail list if I’m given a chain e-mail that includes falsehoods or urban legends.  Of course, then I get e-mails from people who send me a forwarded chain e-mail that snopes.com is some left-wing conspiracy front and the people who run it are hiding themselves and never check their sources.  Unfortunately, once again, the people who send me these e-mails don’t do any fact-checking of their own and I have to correct them again after checking fact-check.org who followed up on the chain e-mail.  I have not yet received an e-mail telling me that fact-check.org is run by a vast left-wing conspiracy group. 

Anyhoo, when I got the outraged e-mail about the US coins, I had to respond to everyone to remind them that the words “In God We Trust” were still on the coins but had been moved to the rim of the coins.  I told people if they wanted to be outraged at the change then they could still refuse the new coins if they wanted to but they better change the text of their ranty e-mails to be factually correct. 

Personally, I wish people would calm down about the whole issue.  There are bigger things to worry about as far as the separation of church and state in this country.  I think raging about coin design is stupid.  I also think suing the federal government so that kids can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in class is the height of stupidity.  Stop obsessing over the language and let kids say the pledge.  Or opt out.  I’ve seen interviews with “kids” and young adults and, let me tell you, these young folks are way smarter than their adult parents.  While fathers are ranting about the words “under God,” kids are saying “What’s the big deal? We can say it or not say it. It’s no big deal.”

But adults.  You know.  Not so bright.  Sarah Palin’s latest rant insinuates that there is some conspiracy behind the moving of the words “In God We Trust” on our US coins.  The implication being, I suppose, that the new administration is evil and trying to secretly remove God from the lives of the US citizens.  Bad bad Democrat administration.  While I was set to ignore her latest rants, I’m glad to know that some people are starting to call her on her unsubstantiated statements. 

By the way, I’ll go on record as saying I really don’t think she will ever run for President of the US.  I would have written more about her after the presidential election because I told y’all I think she is a dangerous demagogue.  Then, she quit as governor and I honestly cannot believe anyone is THAT narcissistic to think that she can bail out of her elected office and expect to be elected in the future to US President.  Lots of people like to speculate about her and she lets the speculation go because – ladies and gentlemen – it sells books.  And, in my opinion, the only things she is after now is power and money.  Money money money for herself and her family.  And power to feed her narcissism. Fine.  You go girl.  Plenty of American citizens take advantage of the spotlight to sell themselves and their stories for money.  But she does need to stop spouting vitriol that has little basis in fact.  In that respect, she is still dangerous.  So, good job Fox News.

UPDATE:  Seriously, could I have possibly posted more grammatical and spelling errors than this post? I don’t think so.  Apologies to early readers.  I cringed when re-reading this post (now mostly corrected). 

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