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I’m not going to criticize Facebook.  I like Facebook.  I don’t have any complaints about the site itself.   

I just have a small complaint about what I consider the utter laziness that some people display when hitting the “like” button.  Not most of the time.  Generally, if you see something you like, you hit “like.”  It’s a simple honest message.  It’s quick.  Fine.

What about, however, when someone posts bad news?  “My significant other just died.”   “I lost my job.”  You read that and there, sitting beside this tale of woe, you see a small “thumbs up.”  Maybe, the tale of woe is eased a bit if it includes a statement like “but he was a great guy” or “but then I went out and got blitzed with my buddies.”  But really?  Is that worthy of a thumbs up?!? 

You can’t take the time to say “I’m sorry.”  Or……….or…….well…..anything……anything else??  Ten extra seconds to write something?  I’m not kidding, I’ve seen thumb ups next to the woest of the woes.  It’s creepy.  It’s annoying.  It’s sad.  I want to write a comment say “What exactly about this status do you LIKE?!” 

I succumb to the ease of the thumbs up.  Sometimes, I remain mum when I can’t think of a reply.  But I’m not going to click something for the sake of clicking and leave a symbol of good news next to something that so obviously is not.  Let’s not let convenience technology render us so lazy that we can’t articulate the simplest, and something the most important, of sentiments. 

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