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I feel like tonight’s blog is going to be a little rambley.  Buckle up and follow my train of thought!

I love me a good box of See’s Candies nuts and chews.  If you’re going to give me a variety of See’s Candies, might as well make it nuts and chews.  In general, I don’t like solid chocolate.

Isn’t it funny the things our loved ones remember and don’t remember about us?  I think chocolate is a wonderful gift for any occasion.  And I appreciate any gifts from my hubby.  But sometimes I have to laugh because he still sometimes forgets I don’t like solid chocolate.  So, the box of fancy truffles may be the best in the shop, but chances are it will sit on our snack shelf for weeks as I push the pieces around trying to magically turn one into a caramel.  At Halloween, dear Sweetie will eat the mini 3 Musketeers while I happily munch on Snickers and Babe Ruths.  What the heck is nougat anyway? 

Speaking of things our loved ones forget – I joke about the fact that my work is such that most people can’t explain what I do for a living.  Sometimes it makes me feel a little sad to listen to someone try and explain me to someone new.  “She…..uhhhhh…….she works as a…..she does…….well, she’s smart!”  Sometimes it makes me feel a little under-appreciated.  Then, I realize that I can’t properly explain the work of several people that I know.  Mostly people who work in different IT positions.  Several of Sweetie’s friends who are trained engineers but whose job titles no longer contain just (or much) engineering.  And I realize no disrespect is intended of course.  It just goes to show if you don’t really know an industry that well, you can’t keep track of all the jobs within it.  And most people just are not that into California environmental regulations.  No biggie.  I quiz Sweetie every year or so and he has gotten pretty good at providing a quick synopsis of what I actually do. 

Anyway.  Chocolate.  Don’t like solid chocolate.

But a good box of See’s Candies nuts and chews has many choices that I will quickly inhale.  Ohh….sweet butterscotch.  Come to Mama, walnut square.  It used to be that I would pick my way around the box and save my favorite pieces for last.  And that would most likely be the dark butterchew or the scotchmallow.  mmmmm…..

This year, after Christmas I tore open the See’s Candies box from Sweetie’s grandfather.  I poked around a little bit.  And then I went straight for the scotchmallow.  Bit into that chocolate, caramel, marshmallowy goodness and savored it for all of five seconds before devouring the rest of the piece.

I thought to myself – What happened to that good old fashioned restraint and expectation? 

And then I thought – Why did I always save my favorite piece for last anyway?

Did I appreciate it more because I had to wait for it?  No.  Did I feel like I was building some strength of character by withholding my favorite chocolate from myself?  Not really.  Did I want my final impression of that box of chocolates to be the best it could possibly be?  Surely that is not reason enough?

I couldn’t really come up with a good answer.  I still can’t.  If I’m going to appreciate a good scotchmallow, I’m going to appreciate it if it is first out of the box, or last. 

Was that too many two letter words in a row?  It reminds me of one of the placards that my old high school english teacher used to keep on the wall.  Something about 10 two-letter words to live by – “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Sorry – I’m drifting.  I probably need to sleep after last night’s “it’s 5 a.m. and I haven’t slept a wink yet” fiasco.

Sooooooo……why do we do it?  The old phrase “Save the best for last.”  What practical purpose does it serve?  Other than to make your current choice feel better about itself?  What good does it do the chooser?  Do we continue to do it as we get older?  And if we don’t, don’t you think it would make old people less crotchety?  Or is there some law of diminishing returns on choosiness?  Maybe there is a brief period of bliss where we have what we want, then we get a little older and realize we chose all the best goodies and are left with the buttercream with cherries and there’s nothing left to look forward to but yelling at your cat and scaring small children. 

What do you think?  Should we always save the best for last? Or first?

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