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1.  There has been (and continues to be) quite an earthquake swarm in Nevada.  According to (one of my favorite I-am-a-nerd-blogs) Eruptions: There is the interesting coincident that the focus of the swarm is near the Auroa Volcanic Field – however, Graham Kent from the director of the Nevada Seismological Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno, doesn’t think a volcanic eruption is likely.  Eruptions blogger notes that Nevada has seen many earthquake swarms over the past few years (true, says I) and none have led to volcanic activity.

2.  Life is generally good.  Sweetie and I are enjoying our house and the endless list of projects (mostly his!) that come with it.  He is currently constructing two raised veggie boxes for me to plant our own crops.  I am very happy about this!  We inherited, in the backyard of this house, a couple of nice artichoke plants.  I have managed to not kill them yet and they are producing a nice little crop of artichokes.  Wonderful!  I picked three the other day, cooked them up, and served them with my mom’s patented (should be) artichoke dipping sauce.  Delicious! 

3.  Work is good and sometimes crazy.  True to form, my work and overlapping deadlines sometimes results in weeks like last week where I have to work 13 to 15 hours for a while.  Not true to my old (younger self) form, I can’t maintain that level of work/brain effort for very long.  I worked so hard for most of last week, I crashed on Friday.  Went to a meeting I couldn’t reschedule and then came home, hugged my Sweetie, wasted time on the computer, and went to see a movie.  We saw Hanna.  It was good, but not as good as I was expecting. Good, but I was expecting more there there.  But fine because, heck, I was NOT working. I won’t link to the movie trailer because I think it shows too much.  But I will link to a short clip featuring some of the brilliant soundtrack from The Chemical Brothers. That particular music piece was probably my favorite in the movie, but others were quite good.  If you like that sort of thing at all, you’d love the soundtrack.  Sweetie and I definitely appreciated the soundtrack. 

4.  I was thinking of writing a separate blog called “Why I don’t blog about Sarah Palin.”  But then I thought “Well, really.  I don’t blog much at all these days so that seems like a silly title.”  But there actually is a reason I don’t blog about her.  Not that I don’t read about her.  I do.  And there has been plenty to read about lately.  I could say all sorts of things.  The ridiculousness of her posing as some sort of political analyst for Fox News.  How much her reality show (and all the rest of her goings-on) does nothing to really promote the great state of Alaska since she resigned as Governor.  The hypocrisy of her daughter prancing around lecturing about abstinence while supported by a group that advertises abstinence with a close-to-pornographic picture of a young girl wrapped around a guy.  ?  Yeah, that makes sense.  We have to be hip for the young kids and then expect them to absorb a message completely opposite from the visual.  How I don’t really believe most of the conspiracy theories about Trig’s birth.  Mostly because I subscribe to the same belief for almost ALL conspiracy theories: If there were more than 3 people involved, it’s not very likely that a much-talked about conspiracy theory wouldn’t be able to provide proof by now.  I could throw in my two cents about her actions surrounding her son’s birth (was she trying to self-abort for 8 months, including the last few days? maybe).  All of these things (and much more) could have been separate blogs.  But I don’t bother.  Why?  Because when I wrote this, my main interest was that this dear country that I live in not make the horrendous mistake of electing this woman to any high office in this country.  Not in 2012.  Not ever.  I said I didn’t want her on the national stage.  There is nothing I can do about the fact she is all over the national airwaves.  There is nothing I can do about the fact that educated people I know seem to love and support her, blinded by her messages of Faith Faith Faith God God God, without realizing (or acknowledging) what a wicked truly twisted person lies beneath.  But as for high office, I don’t worry about it anymore.   She is a non-entity.  If she runs, it will be for the publicity and her own narcissistic satisfaction.  She is not a viable candidate.  Not for her potential scandals.  Not for her prostituting herself and her family for any amount of cash that can come her way.  And not because she can’t seem to form a coherent sentence on the fly.  But because of this:  She quit.  She quit, ladies and gentlemen.  She was elected to an executive office to serve a term for the voters who cast their ballot for her, and WHAT DID SHE DO?  She quit.  Game over.  Buh bye.  No excuses (should every potential lame duck executive quit??). What more do I, a mere blogger who talks about food as much as I talk about politics, need to say?  Pretty much nothing.  Why do I mention it now?  Because potential candidates are starting to proclaim their intentions right now and there may be another buildup of support for her.  And I may note it as it happens.  But do I honestly believe she has a snowball’s chance in a Texas wildfire to be elected President?  No.  And I trust that a large majority of people of this good country know this too.

5.  If I can’t get my act together and blog more, I resolve to at least be better at reading, and hopefully chiming in at, other folks’ blogs. 

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It’s late and I should be in bed, so I’ll just throw out a random hodgepodge of brain spew.

Finding myself back in my old company, which I left several years ago right after a merger/acquisition, I am somewhat amused to be plopped right back into a newly-announced merger/acquisition. If I hadn’t left, I could say I’ve worked in the same building for 12.5 years, yet have worked for three different companies. Not too unoriginal in this day and age of consolidation and the death of small companies. Sad. Interesting. Could be good. Good be bad. We shall see.

I learned of the death today of Senator Ted Stevens and, among other things, thought of the blog I wrote a few years ago about Senators Larry Craig and Ted Stevens. I can’t say that Mr. Stevens was someone I admired in any way, shape, or form. But tragic accidental deaths are sad, and I send my condolences into the ether in the general direction of his family and friends. I feel almost bad that I ended that blog referring to another anti-environment Congressperson who died tragically in a moving-vehicle accident. But only as bad as either one of them ever felt about the eradication of many many species of animals living on Earth.

Am I the only one that noted that last week, during the exact same time we had a large solar flare hit the planet, we have 6 earthquakes over 6.0 in magnitude in less than 36 hours? I check the USGS site almost every day. That is not quite normal. But don’t worry. My co-worker who specializes in geology, hydrology, and hazards just laughed at me when I mentioned the correlation to her.

It’s August 10 (yesterday was 8-9-10) and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent over half the year apart from my husband. *sigh* Even for us, that’s quite a large percentage. But I spent a bunch of time in California looking for a job while he was working in Hawai’i. Then, we both moved over here in July and he has spent half of July in another state working. He just left tonight for a 2-day class in the Bay Area. I should be used to saying goodbye. And I shouldn’t worry because I can easily spend 12+ hours at work the next couple of days. But you know what? It still sucks.

I know I’m pretty bad about spending time on this blog updating y’all about what is really going on with me. That was the original intent of the blog. But I haven’t been very good at it. Here’s an update – Sweetie and I are home-shopping. It’s fun. And slightly exhausting. And nerve-wracking. I’ve discovered what I’m sure every other house-hunter in the world has – at this point in time, I wish my Super Power was “Being Able to Mix and Match All the Best Things from Several Different Houses Into the PERFECT House for Me.”

*sigh* Tis not to be. This one has a fabulous kitchen but crap construction. This one has a pool but an ugly backyard. This one is sooooooo cute and soooooo unique, but there is no way I can fit more than one piece of furniture in the living room. This one has great inner space but is in a less-than-desirable-location. And on and on and on. Right now, I think our favorite candidate house is one with: some awesome space inside (large living area); some super-awesome funky-cool details (70’s-like entryway, room partition and fireplace (looks way better than it sounds); and an incredible backyard; but also has a small very outdated kitchen and location issues (a little too close to the freeway). I’m thinking we can live with the drawbacks. Assuming we buy new appliances. But I don’t know. Do we throw out an offer to nab it now? Or do we keep shopping around in hopes of finding something better?

Don’t know. We’ll figure it out. I’m going to do more recon – try and drive around during different times of the day and get a better feel for the neighborhood and noise. Sweetie does NOT understand me when I try and explain that I get “feelings” from houses. I’m not talking ghost-of-your-dead-dog-in-the-backyard or anything like that. I just get feelings about the general flow of a house. Dare I say energy? No, I better not. But I get feelings as to whether or not *I* would be happy in a space. And I need to listen to those feelings because, as much as I liked many things about the house my parents moved into after I went to college, I could NEVER EVER sleep well in it. Even for me, it was bad. But I would only visit. I can’t live in a house that is like that every day. Anyway. Feelings. Sweetie doesn’t get it. But it’s another check-mark in my brain. And this house may get a positive mark.

The search is still young. I’m sure I’ll have a different story to tell in a week. There’s your update for now.

Aloha and good-night.

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Step Away from the Politics

No…….not *politics* politics.  Never fear, my friends, I will never completely shy away from disgorging my own brand of political opinion onto the screen from time to time.

No, I’m talking about what I am relearning about as I jump back into the world of the crowded workplace:  Office politics.

For the most part, I can put my head down, do my job, and enjoy time away from the office with some great people who have remained my friends for years.  But I’m coming to the impression that there is at least one person in the office I need to watch my back around.  Not because this person dislikes me or has any reason to question the quality of my work.  I think.  But because I think this person is a very shrewd political player.  Of course, I don’t love this impression.  I am fighting the urge to try and confirm or disprove it.  I wonder what the motivation is (actually I think it’s obviously a well-honed self-interest).  But then I think to myself: Stay out of it.  I’m relatively new again.  The political wheels that are turning started before I came around and there is nothing I can do about them. 

And so, I won’t worry too much.  I’ll try and disengage my inflated sense of empathy for other people and just do my job.  Regular politics take up enough of my limited brain space.  The work place is for work. 

And the consumption of chocolate. 

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ok, I’m a bit befuddled and am wondering how people feel about this issue.

As a law-abiding person (mostly – ok, I do exceed the speed limit sometimes) and as a child of a naturalized US citizen (and one parent who was born here), I have to ask – What is wrong with enforcing existing laws regarding legal and illegal residency in the United States? 

This whole bruhaha about Jessica Colotl in Georgia is being paraded in the news as some poster example of trampling on civil rights.  From what I understand, she was never a legal resident of the United States.  She went to college.  She was stopped for some traffic violation.  She gave false information to the officers and couldn’t produce a driver’s license because she never had one.  So, she was arrested.  She faces deportation but it will be delayed until she finishes college. 

ok.  On the human-interest side, I sympathize.  She came into the US when she was 11, so it’s not really like it was her idea to enter the country illegally.  She was a child whose family probably wanted to try and find a good life for themselves and her.  But she is not a legal resident.  She never gained legal residency.  And she was driving a car without a driver’s license.  What are authorities supposed to do?  And why is this case such a lightening rod?  Aren’t there many similar cases across the country?  Why does she get to cry in front of the cameras, thereby possibly granting her some leniency that no one else will get?

When a country has a hard time taking care of its own citizens – with not enough jobs, not enough money for our own needs like health care and defense – then I think a country does have to limit the number of people it allows to live in this country at one time.  If that is the case, there has to be a system in place to identify what is legal and what is not.  And that system needs to be enforced.  If people think this case of Jessica Colotl is an example of all that is wrong with the immigration system, then my question is – What should the immigration system look like?  And if the answer is not “Let anyone in who wants to,” then who are these lawyers, or anyone else, to stand up there and lecture about why any particular person should be an exception to the rule?  I sympathize.  I do.  But I also sympathize with people who went through crap-loads of processes to get legal residency. 

These lawyers grandstand and make a big deal over one case.  But what is their solution?  I’m hearing a lot of people make statements back and forth about the issue.  Why should I be made to feel bad if I ask these questions?

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I have a longer draft of what I want to say about this subject.  But I can keep adding to it until next week so I’ll summarize and, hopefully, post more later. Sarah Palin Twitters to her followers to “Reload.”  Then, she posts a graphic on her Facebook page with gun-sight targets representing several Democratic members of Congress who voted for the health care bill.  She may argue “I’m only talking about votes.”  Excuse me?  How many people use the term “Reload” in reference to the voting booth?

Why should we care?  Because people believe her.  They believe in her.  And some of these people are truly violent.  Why should we care?  Because the Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives (Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland) has already announced that – yes, he feels that members of Congress are at risk.  There have already been violent incidences against Representatives.   Is all the violent rhetoric coming only from Sarah Palin?  No.  There are plenty of others.  But she has a big fat bullhorn.  A much larger bullhorn than many other people in the world. 

And what is The Discovery Channel doing?  They are enlarging her bullhorn by paying her millions of dollars to paste her name onto a new show for them.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe just for the blatant ratings grabs that anyone seems to get from her name.  Why?  I don’t know.  They don’t need her name.  They have great shows.  Great programming. 

Part of the reason I’ve refrained from talking about Sarah Palin is because I myself don’t want to feed into the publicity hole that is her existence.  But I’ll post this so that I can say –

I’ve reported Sarah Palin’s offensive graphic to Facebook.

I am composing my own note to the Discovery Channel to express disgust with this decision.  And to let them know, as much as I love some of their shows, I will be boycotting all of them.

I am researching just how many organizations and advertisers are associated with the Discovery Channel.


I will be forwarding my note to as many advertisers as possible. 

Do I think any of this could possibly change The Discovery Channel’s decision?  Why not try?  Isn’t that why we write our elected officials and write letters to the editors of local newspapers and other things?  Viewership of the Discovery Channel must be HUGELY weighted with pro-science, pro-environment, anti-violence people.  We are the WORST target audience for anything related to Sarah Palin.  And we shouldn’t be shoved aside for ratings grabs targeting anyone who supports (or who just wants to gawk and laugh at) Sarah Palin.  The Discovery Channel needs to know this.   Believe me, this bums me out.  I don’t boycott lightly.  But even when I boycott all on my own – for reasons that I never even share with anyone – I do it seriously.  This is more than serious. 

MSNBC keeps giving me the wrong video instead of Steny Hoyer’s short press conference.  But he said had some pretty wise words.  If I can’t find the right link, I’ll try and transcribe a little.  One thing he said:

When people start talking in the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines, that if they don’t do something they will have physical harm done to them, that…other rhetoric of that type…..or they put a target on their faces with cross hairs, that activity ought to be unacceptable in our democracy.    The implication being that the consequences of acting in a democracy are somehow physical, with violence being acted upon those persons….that’s wrong.


There is a petition to boycott the Discovery Channel based on this decision to pay Sarah Palin over $1,000,000 per episode for the new show.  Much as it pains me to think about boycotting “Dirty Jobs” and other shows I enjoy, I meant it sincerely when I signed the petition.  I am done with the channel until they reverse this.  The petition’s goal just rose from 10,000 to 50,000 signatures, but I think it will need many more than that to even catch the attention of the executives at Discovery.  However, given the huge international demographics of the channel, there should be plenty of people outside the United States who would sign because I think many people in other countries view Sarah Palin as a joke.

The Petition is here:   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/21/boycott-the-discovery-channel-networks

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Oh, Charlie Brown,

You sweet trusting soul. 

How many times has Lucy held that football in front of you?  How many times have you raced ahead?  And how many times has she pulled it away and watched as you flail in the air. 

Charlie Brown, do you ever learn?

Lucy, do you ever stop pulling that pigskin away?

It reminds me of our elected officials in Congress and the White House as they make promise after promise to eliminate earmarks in budgets and bills.  As they promise they won’t sign budgets with earmarks.  And as they go on and on about the ills of earmarks.  Remember earmarks?  You know how I feel about those.

The latest started (I think) with Speaker Pelosi’s proposal of a one-year ban on earmarksOh, that would be great, wouldn’t it?  According to the Roll Call article (click on the link above), “for the current fiscal year alone, members of both parties in both chambers secured 9,499 earmarks worth a total of $15.9 billion, according to a study by Taxpayers for Common Sense.”

A ban on earmarks!  I’ve been clamoring for that for a while!  But wait.  By today, I think the proposal has morphed into a qualified ban on earmarks for for-profit entities.  Next week I am sure they will whittle it down to a ban on all earmarks for entities that are for-profit through the buying and selling of the giant letter “E” for highway signs in States that start with the letter Q.  Uh huh. 

Ban on earmarks?  Oh, I’d love to see it.  I surely would.  I would support it and any elected official who helped to pass it. 


You go ahead and hold that pigskin Speaker Pelosi.  You hold it in place all day and all night.  You go ahead and try and sweet-talk me all you want.  I’m not running forward.  I’m not racing with my hopes up towards you or any other elected official who talks the talk about curtailing worthless earmark projects.  Heck, I’m not even on the field anymore.  I’ve taken off my jersey, left the stadium and am sweating away trying to find work for myself in the slower-than-molasses economy before I land in debtor’s prison. 

Hold your pork.  I have work to do. 

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omg.  Did Pamela Geller really tell Ron Reagan “You never met him either!” in reference to Ronald Reagan?

“You never met him either!”

That’s your argument?  You don’t agree with something Ron Reagan says and in response to him telling you that he would better understand the mind of his father, you yell at him “You never met him either!”

Aaahahahahahahaha!  I fear your debating skills Pamela Geller!  You fierce debater you!  Hahaha!  Whew!

Pamela Geller – you make Ayn Rand turn in her grave.  Turn and cry because of your vapid spotlight-seeking and idiotic non-arguments.  Poor Ayn Rand.

I know I’m lagging in blogging lately.  Lots of other things going on.

I’ll be back.

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