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From today’s Maui News:

The National Weather Service is warning of “giant” surf headed for the islands, prompting civil defense officials to caution people in coastal areas to take precautions.

A set of very powerful storms in the north Pacific will produce two northwest swells over the coming week, according to the weather service. The first swell was expected to arrive Friday night and peak today, bringing 20- to 30-foot surf with 40-foot sets on outer reefs.

A second and larger swell was forecast to arrive Sunday night, with surf building rapidly to 30 to 40 feet, with sets up to 50 feet on outer reefs early Monday through Tuesday night. Surf is expected to remain above warning levels through Wednesday.

That’s Eddie Aikau size ladies and gents!

I blogged last year about the Quicksilver Invitational in memory of Eddie Aikau over on Oahu.  The holding period just started for this season and now we have alerts for some super high surf.  They haven’t run the Eddie since 2004, but this may be the year folks! 

I don’t know why I get so excited about it.  I’m not a surfer.  Although – I still want to take at least one or two lessons while I am living on the island.  I think it’s pretty intimidating to have a surf invitational event that isn’t even held if the waves don’t get big enough.  Makes it pretty intense when it runs.  I’d love to be on the North Shore to see it live but it’s fun enough for me to watch our local newscasters report. 

As for Maui, maybe I’ll have to run out to the Hookipa Lookout spot and see if any local surfers would dare to brave the waves.  I don’t think our surfing spots are as consistent as Oahu’s North Shore, but it’s still fun to watch. 

Eddie Aikau site is over HERE.

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Dog Etiquette

We’ve been taking care of Henry the dog for about a month now while Sweetie’s co-worker is off-island.  All in all, it’s a good experience.  I like to say that Henry is a good ambassador to the dog world, as far as my husband is concerned.  Sweetie is a cat person, not a dog person.  I would venture to say he doesn’t like dogs.  But he likes Henry.  He plays with Henry and tells Henry he is a “good dog.”  It’s pretty cute to watch the two of them play. 

There are plenty of dogs in the neighborhood.  At this point, I can’t decide which people I hate more – the people who chain their dogs up all day long or the people who let their dogs run free.  Both of them annoy me to no end. 

There are two dogs at the house down the street from us.  Two small yappy dogs who are tethered to the house all day long and who generally bark at anything in sight.  Sweetie often wants to kick these dogs.  But me?  I want to kick the owners.  In over three years, I have never ever seen a resident of that house interact with either one of those dogs.  They must at some point because I think the dogs are occasionally let into the house.  But the rest of the time?  They are outside.  Alone.  There used to be just one dog but it got a companion this year because – why have one yappy dog you neglect when you can have two yappy dogs, right?

On our walking route, Henry and I sometimes encounter the free running dog.  If we stay on the main street by the side of her house, she doesn’t come out.  But if venture onto her street, she comes barrelling out of the garage, yapping all the way.  She comes and sniffs and jumps around Henry.  And she doesn’t stop.  She will walk with us for the whole block just yapping and jumping around Henry.  Most of the time, Henry couldn’t care less.  He never barks at other dogs.  He’ll sniff and say hello and then move on.  Sometimes, this little dog finally gets on his last nerve and he growls at her.  Only dog I’ve ever seen him growl at.  Good for you Henry.  I want to growl at her also.  I sometimes want to lure her out toward the busy side of the street but then I remind myself it’s not really her fault her idiot owners let her run around by herself.  She is such a small dog that I don’t feel threatened by her at all.  However, on our walk last night, I was very startled when Henry and I walked past the house and encountered a much larger dog running loose.  This dog had come out and around the house and was suddenly standing before us and made a quick lunge toward Henry.  I yanked Henry’s leash to back him up and walked away as fast as I could.  Cursing the stupid people.  I’m not sure I could take on that dog if he took a serious swipe at Henry.

And the people who annoy me the most?  All the idiots who walk their dogs and leave dog crap all over the neighborhood.  Our walking route includes lots of public sidewalk areas.  Apparently people believe that as long as their dogs don’t crap in someone’s yard, they don’t need to pick up after them (although there is plenty of crap in yards also).  So the rest of us get to walk around the sidewalk and grass and dodge poop bombs all over the place.  I walk Henry twice a day every day and I always carry enough bags to pick up anything he “drops” on the ground.  Why is it so hard for other dog owners to do the same?

My final gripe of the day?  With two walks and many extra trips outside every day, you would think Henry would refrain from peeing inside the house.  Somehow though, he manages to show his displeasure from time to time and has relieved himself in three different rooms in the house during his stay.  *sigh*   Really dog?  We spoil you and then go out for dinner, and this is how you behave??

So, our guest is not a perfect ambassador to the dog world.  But he’s still pretty good.  And he’s better behaved than many of the humans around here.

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I almost thought I was going to have to move off Maui. 

A while ago, I raved about and praised our new Indian restaurant here on the island.  Truly, it served some of the best food I have ever had.  A tad expensive, but so is all the other food to eat on this island. 

I called a couple of weeks ago to see if they were serving lunch and, horror of all horrors! was told the restaurant was closed indefinitely.  Wahhhhhhhh.  No more Indian food?  How could I cope?

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry.  There is still an Indian restaurant on the island.  It’s even in the exact same place – in the Menehune Shores complex on South Kihei Road in Kihei.  Yup.  Basically the same place.  Just a new owner and new name.  The new name is Monsoon India.  Website is here:  http://www.monsoonindiamaui.com/

And the food is just as good.  I made Sweetie go grab some takeout lunch for us this week just to make sure.   All is good.  I’ll hang out on Maui for a little while longer.  As you were.

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Well, I suppose it was bound to happen.

We live in Maui.  Centipedes live on Maui.  Centipedes bite things.  We humans can be pretty threatening. 

We got bit by a centipede!!!!   

And when I say “we”, I mean “Sweetie.”  And when I say “Sweetie got bit by centipede,” I mean – “THANK GOD I did not get bit by a centipede!!!!”

Sorry Sweetie.  Way to take one for the team. 

I guess the centipedes around here were tired of getting sprayed to death.  And tired of being flung over a fence.  The word is out that our home is not friendly to centipedes and one decided to get on the offense.

So, Sweetie and I were sitting here in our living room, minding our own business and watching some TV.  And he starts rubbing his leg.  And then he says “hmmm…..I think something bit me.” 

And a few seconds later, he stands up.  He’s trying to look at the back of his leg.  And he says, “I think something stung me.” 

And his leg starts to hurt.  And he says “I think I got bit by a spider!”

This finally draws my attention and I leap off the couch and started hopping around the living room. 

What!?!?!  Spider?  Where?!   WHERE!!??

I’m dancing around the living room.  Sweetie is looking around, trying to think of what to do.  Meanwhile, his leg is starting to burn.  He goes to the reclining chair he was sitting in.  He pushes it back.  He looks underneath into the darkness and:

“A-HA!”  he yells.

“AAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!”  I scream.  For no apparent reason. 

And he points under the chair and tells  me “It’s a centipede.”

“EEEEERRRAAAGHHHHHHHH!!!!” I scream.  For good reason.

I hop around a little more and Sweetie grabs a kleenex.  He makes a grab for the centipede and flings it out from under the chair into the light.  It’s a teeny tiny little thing and can’t get very far on its tiny legs.  Sweetie grabs more kleenex and manages to grab onto the thing while I run into the kitchen for the Ziploc bag.  Because – you know me – I gotta examine the thing before we kill it.  We throw the kleenex and centipede into the bag and zip it up.

And there it sat:

Pretty gross, huh?

I think centipedes actually bite from their second segment/set of legs.  I’m not sure how this thing was crawling around Sweetie’s chair and managed to bite him on his leg.  All I can say is – I think Sweetie is extremely lucky this is just a little guy.  He is much much smaller than the last two centipedes we found in the house.  As the books will tell you, a bad centipede bite can feel like a shotgun blast and can hurt for a couple of days.  As it was, Sweetie put an ice pack on his leg and said it just felt like someone was holding a lighter up to him.  Oh, that’s all.  I can’t even imagine what a huge centipede bite would feel like.  I don’t want to know. 

For some perspective:

Yes, he was small.  But boy was he tough. For the record, I didn’t spray him or throw him over the fence.  I beat him with the bottom of a Sierra Nevada beer bottle.  

Hey, I like the Dalai Lama – I didn’t say I was *as* peaceful as him.   

I hope this ends the Chronicles of the Centipedes here on Maui. 

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So, Sweetie and I jumped on a plane today headed for sunny California!

Lucky for us, sunny California is not as sunny as it was a week or so ago.  Last week, I was hearing all about the heat wave and the 100+, 110+ hot temperatures.  But we landed in Sacramento tonight and it was downright lovely.  A little wind has kicked up and I think the temperatures will be in the cool 90s for a while.  I hope.  We’ll see.

Anyway, Hooray!!!!!! We are in California.  It has been almost six months since our last visit – probably the longest amount of time I’ve spent away from my family in a long long time.  Definitely the longest amount of time I’ve not seen my nephews since they were born.  And there was Nephew #1 with Big Sis smiling at the bottom of the escalators tonight.  I wanted to smother him with hugs I was so happy to see them both.     (I know, I know —- it’s like I just discovered these emoticons or something.  Lighten up.)

Behind the scenes here, the last few weeks, Sweetie and I have been working hard to organize his family’s biennial reunion gathering.  If you remember, I attended two years ago when Sweetie and I were engaged.  I was introduced to many many members of the extended family and enjoyed a few days of hiking, horseback riding, lounging around, and chatting with my soon-to-be-family in Utah.  It’s been two years of getting ready for the next one.  And it is in California and fell to Sweetie’s immediate family to organize.  A while ago it was handed over to Sweetie, his mom, and me.  So, I’ve been trying to get head counts, and reservations, and activities organized, and so on and so forth.  And, ready or not – the family is descending in a litltle over a week!  I’m sure to blog more about that later (or not – you may have noticed I’m notoriously bad at finishing some blogs.)

Sweetie and I flew from Maui to Oahu to catch our plane to California.  Then, of course, the plane takes off from Oahu and flies right back past Maui on its way east.  And I gotta tell you, the ocean around Maui and Oahu today was the most gorgeous I have ever seen it.  Bright light blue at the shore fading into deep shades of blue so clear, I could see the waves and the coral from the plane window.  Stunningly beautiful today.  One of those days I feel quite blessed to be living in such surroundings.

And then, flying above California, the sun on the west side of the plane was the deepest, darkest, brightest red I have ever seen as it set.  I was on the opposite side of the plane, and we were landing, so I only had a bit of a glimpse through the windows.  But wow.  Maui’s got nothing on that sunset.

So, Sweetie and I are now settling into Mom’s house.  We will, no doubt, be shuttling back and forth between our moms’ houses.  With a possible side trip to LA while we are here.   Tomorrow morning, I am walking a 5K with Big Sis and the family.  Then a little BBQ.  It’s all good.

But I gotta say – What the WHAT?!  I am in the air and out of Internet range for one day and I log into my computer tonight to find out – WHAT?!  Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska?!  Stepping down?  Not even finishing her term?  For what?  I’ve been following some of the Alaska blogs so I know about the ethics complaints, and the legislature going against her wishes to take stimulus money, and the resounding defeat of her horrible attorney general pick.  But for what?  Because the going got tough?  Because attacks got personal?  Because she felt like she couldn’t forward her agenda in her own state?

I don’t know the answer for sure.  I’m just surprised that someone who was touted as having the tenacity of a bulldog ended up giving up her elected office like a whimpering Chihuahua (no offense to Chihuahuas).  Maybe she knows of more things that are going to come to light that she can’t excuse away.  Maybe she wants to go “hike the Appalachian Trail.”  Maybe her advisors are really so stupid as to think this is the best way to launch a bid for President.  ?? Who knows.  I just honestly hope that her loyally rabid followers don’t try and turn this into what a great opportunity for her to support national candidates, or jump on the national stage, or whatnot.  In my experience, if you can’t stand tough in your own job, you have no business seeking a tougher job (and let me tell you, my old co-workers and I have stood tough for years in a workplace that can chew people up and spit them out in weeks).  Much as I think Sarah Palin is amazing fodder for crazy political stories, I stand by my earlier opinions that her rhetoric and particular brand of politics are poison, her qualifications for national office are atrocious, her viewpoints are narrow and dangerous, and I’d prefer she disappear from the national stage. 

And with that, I should sleep if I want to wake up for a fun run.  Sorry for the hodgepodge of notes here.   Just thought I’d write something before all my day’s memories are gone. 

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Maui Shaking

Home.  After dinner.  Sweetie and I are discussing what to watch this evening.  I’m thinking an episode of Star Trek or Dollhouse.  He is thinking his Netflix movie – Stanley Kubrick’s 1956 film “The Killing.”  Sweetie sits at his desk in front of his computer.  I am beside him in the reclining chair with my eyes closed because my eyes are tired.


“What was that?”  I ask, opening my eyes.  I expect to find his foot on the chair tapping at me.


“Didn’t you feel that?  Did you kick the chair?”

“A truck just went by,” said my Sweetie.

Uh. OK.  A truck.  “It felt like an earthquake.”  But Sweetie says truck, so whatever.

BUT – as I go to close out my computer tonight, I take one last nerdy glance at the USGS site and….


There it is – magnitude 3.4 earthquake in the Maui Region, Hawai’i.

I tell Sweetie: “I felt it!” 

He challenges me: “What time?”

I have to go to an online converter to convert UTC (coordinated universal time) to Hawai’i-Aleutian Standard time.  Skeptical much? 

“6:39 a.m. UTC equals 8:39 p.m. in Maui.  About the time you and I were sitting and talking about what to watch.  Yes?”

“Hey,” says my Sweetie – “You felt it!”

There ya go. 


By the way, we watched “The Killing.”  Very good film, that.

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The Island of Lana’i

I am heading off for a new adventure tomorrow.

Sweetie has to work over on the island of Lana’i and I am tagging along.  I’ve never been over to this little island.  There is a harbor and resort area on the water.  There is Lana’i City a few miles up the hill.  I think they have streets from First to about 13th Street.  Maybe 6 streets running across.  And…..I think that is it.  There is not much there, probably no Internet at the place we are staying.  I only have a little bit of work to do this week.  Sweetie will be working.  So what shall I do with my time?  I think the Internet break will be great for me.  I’ll be reading a lot.  Maybe get some writing done.  There may possibly be a trip to the beach in my near future.  Hmmmm…

I’ll have more to report in a few days.

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