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I almost thought I was going to have to move off Maui. 

A while ago, I raved about and praised our new Indian restaurant here on the island.  Truly, it served some of the best food I have ever had.  A tad expensive, but so is all the other food to eat on this island. 

I called a couple of weeks ago to see if they were serving lunch and, horror of all horrors! was told the restaurant was closed indefinitely.  Wahhhhhhhh.  No more Indian food?  How could I cope?

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry.  There is still an Indian restaurant on the island.  It’s even in the exact same place – in the Menehune Shores complex on South Kihei Road in Kihei.  Yup.  Basically the same place.  Just a new owner and new name.  The new name is Monsoon India.  Website is here:  http://www.monsoonindiamaui.com/

And the food is just as good.  I made Sweetie go grab some takeout lunch for us this week just to make sure.   All is good.  I’ll hang out on Maui for a little while longer.  As you were.

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We have more friends visiting on the island this week. Sweetie’s good friend from high school, his wife, and their daughter. They are staying in West Maui, but we spent a good portion of the day together today.

We drove up to the Kula Lodge for breakfast, walked around the Kula Marketplace, drove to the Tedeschi Winery, tasted some wine, and drove back through Makawao and Paia. By the middle of the afternoon, we had finally worked off our bananas-fosters-macadamia-nuts pancakes from breakfast and were ready to eat again. Our friends were looking for a good place to get a plate lunch (or two-scoop rice as some books say).

Well, well. There’s one choice above all others on the island for plate lunches. We went straight to Da Kitchen. There are at least two on the island – Da Kitchen in Kahului and Da Kitchen Express in Kiehi. You can eat in or take your food to go. They have plate lunches, sandwiches, appetizers, and other treats. I usually always get a plate lunch – you get your entree of choice, rice, and either green or macaroni salad. And these portions are big! Every time Sweetie and I go, we share a plate lunch. If I order one for myself, I end up taking food home.

Today, I ordered the Teriyaki beef with green salad. Our friends ordered the Kalua pork with macaroni salad, some noodles (can’t remember the name), and a cheeseburger. Everything was fantastic. I normally always order the Kalua pork or Teriyaki chicken. But the beef was outstanding today. And we’ve had the chicken katsu before, and it was also good. You pretty much can’t go wrong. I knew I could not finish a whole plate lunch once, and I ordered the Kalua sandwich – holy cow! That was good. I’ve been to Kimo’s Restaurant in Lahaina, which is much more upscale than Da Kitchen. My pal ordered the Kalua pork at Kimo’s. We decided it was good (which it was), but the pork at Da Kitchen was much better, at a fraction of the price. The ambiance at Da Kitchen is about as casual as you can get – in Kihei it is across the street from the beaches.

Today, when we realized our friends’ daughter was not really eating her cheeseburger, we all took turns trying it out. All with the same reaction “Wow!” “Wo! That’s a good burger!” Really good. They must chop up some fresh onions and put them in the burger patty, or something, because it had an incredibly good flavor to it.

So, try it out if you have the chance. It looks like they have not updated their website in a while, but I can tell you, they are open in Kihei and Kahului. Don’t know about the San Diego and Mountain View locations listed on the website. You may just have to come to Maui to enjoy a fantastic plate lunch.




Photo Credit: http://www.da-kitchen.com/home.html

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