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Friday Five posted five questions this week.  Check it out over HERE.

1.   We are nosy…..we all wanna know what you got for Christmas. Tell us your favourite gift this year!

No favorite because everyone did a wonderful thing by taking the time and energy to share something with me.  For some, it was the time taken out of their schedule to travel to say hello.  My cousin called me the day before Christmas to wish the best to Sweetie and me.  “Santa” visited two homes and filled two stockings with treats.  I have books to read, movies to watch, honus and socks to wear, music to listen to, and olallieberry syrup to eat.  I had nephews to play with, cousins to talk to, moms to hug, and friends’  company to bask in.  Who could ask for anything more?

2.  What was your best memory of 2009?

A couple of pretty great 40th birthday celebrations and hiking in Yosemite with my hubby are pretty high on the list.

3.  Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? What do you think the words to Auld Lang Syne really mean?

What do they really mean?  “We’ve had too much to drink tonight, aaand we are sing-ing LOUDLY.  We don’t know what these words all mean, but we will sing them LOUDLY.”

4.  Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? Have you broken it already?

I don’t make them. 

5.  Choose 1 word to describe the year ahead and make it your mantra for 2010.


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Friday Five is a little early this week and asks:

Santa makes his big ride tomorrow night and I am sure there are some things you have asked him for …or maybe one of his elves….so why not list FIVE things you”ve hinted for this year and be sure to leave your link so we can see what you want Santa to bring you this Christmas!

Well, I don’t really have to hint, thanks to Amazon wish lists and family members who ask for lists and a hubby and sister who know me pretty well.  What are on these lists?  Or what am I asking for from Santa in my secret heart of hearts?

1.  I have the standard of books and music and movies.  Can’t go wrong with books and music.  A couple goodies like the latest Fable comic book trade paperback and maybe the new Barbara Kingsolver book. Hey Santa, I’ll even read your autobiography if you give it to me.  I hear it’s good.

2.  Clothes.  Every time I think about going out to get something for myself, I manage to talk myself out of the expense.  The good thing is – since I work from home and don’t have to bother with office meetings and client meetings and the general guidelines of professionalism, I don’t really need nice clothes.  Or anything more than a few pairs of shorts and tank tops, which I already own.  But you know, every once in a while when I want to go out to dinner with Sweetie or when I’m in California to see friends, it would be awfully nice to have something new to wear.  I admit it.  I’d like it.  Points for honesty, Santa?

3.  A new Sonicare.  It’s so unexciting, I didn’t ask for it from anybody.  But I need a new one and haven’t been willing to spend the money yet.  Santa, you’re a friend of the ADA, aren’t you?

4.  New low fares directly from California to Maui.  Alaska Airlines has been making a big deal about some new routes.  It would be nice if they offered, or caused other airlines to offer, lower rates.  I already know of three weddings Sweetie and I will be attending in California next year.  I don’t know if or when we’ll be moving back to the mainland in 2010.  C’mon Santa!! If you and your sleigh can circumnavigate the globe in one night, surely you can lend a reindeer or two to travelers in need?

5.  More work for 2010.  Not something my family and friends can gift to me.  I am very much hoping that the economy picks up in 2010, for myself and many other people I have spoken to this year.  If for no other reason that I think the new word “funemployed” has been much much overused this year.  Do you have any idea how many people in the San Francisco Bay area are “Funemployed?” I think I have learned some valuable lessons this year about saving money and cutting expenses and being creative and making do with what I have.  I think I can happily carry these lessons forward even without the stress of it being mandatory.  Spread the work to your elves, Santa.  Take a load off and relax until next year!

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Friday Five – Frightful

This week, Friday Five asks us to name FIVE things you might do when “the weather outside is frightful”.

Hmmm…..I will have to use my imagination since the weather outside is never frightful.  Our weather here in Maui is practically the same all year round.  Oh, the highs may change from 75 to 90 and the lows may change from 55 to 70.  That’s about it.  We get rain from time to time and it is very often windy, but the temperature stays constant.  There is no central heat or air in our rental.  No built-in means of heating this house at all.  No fireplace.  No heater.  Nothing.  Because we don’t need it.  Sweetie would love for air conditioning but we make do with fans, open windows and the trade winds. 

But since I’m such a homebody, I don’t need much of an excuse to do something indoors, so here you go:

1.  Eat popcorn, drink tea, read a book, and hang out with Sweetie.  I know I would enjoy this because this is how we spent one day of our honeymoon.  Most of the time, we had a full agenda of hiking and exploring Yellowstone but we took one cold cold day off and stayed inside.  I cheated by working for a couple of hours but it was mostly a very relaxing day.   

2.  Sit on my couch and play some Civilization.  It’s my only real gaming vice.  Sweetie and I have a Play Station mostly so we can have a Blu-ray player.  I bought a couple of other games for the Playstation but I only play Civilization and yes, I can keep myself occupied for a long time.

3.  Depending on your definition of “frightful”, I might go for a walk outside.  I hate being cold but I love a good walk in the rain.  Just enjoyed one about a week ago.  One person’s frightful is another person’s delight, I think.

4.  Have an Angel/Buffy/Battlestar fest.  There is no excuse too big or small to get me to sit and re-watch some of my favorite episodes.

5.  Clean the house.  If the weather is too cold.  Not because I really want to.  Not because being stuck inside is a good time to clean.  But because I always manage to work up a sweat and keep myself warm when I do.

Aloha and Happy Friday all!

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Oh, this week is going to be fun at Friday Five. The topic today is as follows:

…the idea is about “filling in” or substituting” …seems appropriate today doesn’t it? Ok…now let me make sure I word this correctly…If your phone rang today and you were given the opportunity to “fill in” for someone would you do it? Would you jump at the chance to “be the star”…” the person in charge” ..maybe even write the last chapter of a book that turns into a best seller..or an Oscar winning script! Remember ..this is your golden opportunity to shine….so what sort of offers would you take in a minute…LIST FIVE…they don’t have to be serious…the skies the limit! As always…we all want to know what you came up with..so be sure to put your link here so we can take a peek! Have fun and happy fiving! Love, Queenie (your substitute hostess for July!)

I like it! This is what I came up with on the spur of the moment:

1. *ring* *ring!*

Excuse me, Ms. Stone Girl?


Hi, this is wolf biologist Dean Cluff. I was just up at Ellesmere Island with renowned wolf biologist David Mech. But I’ve been called away to observe sloths in South America and we need someone to take over my research work here on the island with Dr. Mech.

Oh yes. I am THERE!

2. *ring!ring!*

Hello, this is pro poker player Phil Ivey. We are about to start Day 3 of the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. I am currently sitting on a very comfortable stack of 376,000 in chips but I have been called away to film a commercial for Full Tilt Poker. Can you please come and take over my game for me?

3. *rriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnggggg*

Hello, this is one of the organizers of the next Mind and Life Conference series. We are setting up our topic, agendas, and invitees for the next conference with the Dalai Lama and several of our participants have dropped out. We would like to invite you to come to Dharamsala, India to meet with our invited scientists and the Dalai Lama and share your insights on the next topic. No, it doesn’t matter what the scientific focus of the next conference will be. We are sure you will have some valuable input and questions for the Dalai Lama as you sit around the table with him.

4. *ringring* *ringring*

Hello, this is National Forest Service. We have a vacancy position in one of our remote cabins in the Tahoe National Forest and we need someone to live in the cabin and conduct some periodic surveys for us. This position will require some solitude time and a bit of hiking in the back country wilderness.

5. *Ring!*

Hello? Yes, this is Melina Kanakaredes. I’m quitting CSI: New York. Can you fill in for me and work alongside this Gary Sinise guy for a while?

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