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More Dreams

……soon, hopefully.  I’ve been driving and driving and driving – lots of activity this past weekend for a good friend’s wedding.  I actually saw my husband for 3 days!!!!  Nice to see him after more than 4 weeks apart. 

I really wanted to spend time describing my dream this past weekend – what with the alien invasion, and large armies, and vast fields of battle, and paper airplanes dropping bombs, and the erupting volcano in the background, and me trying to sneak into a uniform to find the command center because we (whoever “we” are) were completely overwhelmed by the opposing forces.

And then, I told Sweetie about a dream I had with his sister in it where we were driving to one of my favorite chocolate stores in Santa Cruz and we (his sis and I) were inside the store and I was trying to find my favorite chocolate but all they had were chocolate bunnies and I was getting really frustrated because I had a huge craving for another kind of chocolate. 

Then, in real life (not a dream), we had dinner with Sweetie’s mom, sister, and bro-in-law yesterday and his sister tells us how she was in the chocolate shop (the exact one I dreamt about) around Easter and there were a lot of chocolate bunnies around.

*cue Twilight Zone music*

So, then I decided I better not tell my sister that I just had a dream where she and my mom and I were together (it seemed to be inside a bowling alley) and a huge earthquake hit.  We managed to run outside of the building, but the street was getting ripped up with the force of the quake.  

And I can’t remember what I ate before I went to sleep those nights.  But I have been spending time on the volcano blog site and the USGS earthquake site, so I can guess where those elements came from.


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….it’s the morning of Tax Day here in the US and I have a dream as my alarm goes off of a crazy man with a gun (well, first he had some sort of ray gun, then it was a regular gun) starting a fire in front of a large office-like building, shooting at people and yelling “USA! USA!”  I had been about to cross the street (with some snow on the sides) to go into this building but ran back with a mob of people into the building on the opposite side of the street.  Unfortunately, according to me, my family was in the building being shot into. 

Rather glad my alarm went off so early today.

I mentioned to Sweetie last night that the Tea Party folk would be protesting today.  I hope everyone keeps it relatively civil.

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Thanks a lot brain

So, after finally falling asleep around 4 a.m. last night, here are the images that woke me up every half hour or so until 7:30:

People sitting around. I realize that there are people talking, I walk around and see that they have no bodies. They are basically heads in boxes sitting on chairs talking. I was thinking “They can’t be alive can they? Can you live without a body?!” They were alive, but miserable because, hey, they have no bodies. That one woke me up.

I’m hiding out in an apartment and trying to peek out the blinds. There are death squads outside – basically people who are hunting down the folks in the apartments and killing them. I’m trying to peek without letting them see me, but I moved the blinds too much and it caught the eye of someone outside.

Now I’m hiding in an almost-deserted part of a burned out town. There are odd doors and big pieces of wood stacked up and other people are trying to hide behind anything that is big enough. But, since hiding places are scarce, any time you find one, you run the risk of being killed by another person trying to hide. Again, I’m awake.

I’m at the back end of a huge industrial-like garage. I need to get out of there. But there are a line of swinging columns in front of me, with only a tiny walkway between each. I realize that the swinging columns are actually long streams of molten metal and, if I get too close, the heat will burn me. There are a bunch of people in front of me, and I try to avoid them, but I end up bumping a guy in a suit with briefcase. He goes flying backward, drops his briefcase and may have fallen into the blazing metal (not sure). His fall momentarily stopped the moving columns and I made a dash for the door. Yup – that dream woke me up also.

I’m trying to walk around but realize there are hidden cameras all over the place. I don’t want anyone to realize that I just escaped into these hallways, but I’m not stealthy enough. I end up looking right at the camera, which is a dead giveaway that I don’t belong there.

I’m at a gas station and suddenly, someone starts jumping around, slashing people left and right. He’s jumping around a lot, so I figure he must be a mutant frogman (don’t ask me how). I jump in the car with someone else and we try and leave, along with other cars. The frogman shoots out his frog tongue and picks up another car and flings it in the air. We speed off down the street, but the frog guy is zipping after us, throwing out his tongue, which can cut a person in half if it catches you.

hmm…maybe that’s how those people lost all their body parts. And with that…..I wake up for good.

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I dreamt of falling

Did you ever have a dream with the sensation of falling?

I’ve had dreams before where I am floating off the ground. Sometimes I start to fly higher. I become excited because I think maybe I will start flying. I love to fly in dreams. Sometimes though, I’m not flying, I’m just drifting up. And I think “Uh oh.” I know if I’m drifting up, I’m going to fall at some point. And my stomach does a preemptive somersault. Somewhat like a monster roller coaster before the drop. Then I drop. And WHooooosh!!!!! my stomach falls in the most dizzying drop of all time. Not fun.

Just re-watching The Matrix with Sweetie and his family here at home. Made me think of the dream I just had. Ever had one of those?

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