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Don’t say goose.  I’m not goosing anyone around here. 

And is spruce even a word?  Or is it just used so much we all think it’s a word?

Let me jump over to one of my most-used links – Merriam-Webster.  Ah yes….spruce….”to make spruce.”  So helpful.  What’s that?  A link….see “spruce” defined for English-language learners.  And there’s a better definition….to make (someone or something) look cleaner, neater, or more attractive.  For English-language learners?  How about – for people who want a definition of the word that doesn’t include The Word?

Oh well.

*spruce* *spruce*

And oh – there goes my undiagnosed ADD, and I’m off to the next thing. 

Really, the only way to spruce up a dusty blog is to write in it.  And I shall.  Things like – trying again to keep track of the books that I’m reading, blog about the books that I’ve read, comment on news, warn you about impending earthquakes, maybe give a personal update more than twice a year, write about the fabulous food choices in Sacramento since I can no longer blog about fabulous food discoveries in Maui, write about how COLD it is anywhere other than Maui, rant, praise, and generally share some cynical views of the world around me.

Yeah – that stuff. 

And this is not the blog I started earlier tonight.   But it will do for now.

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