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Step Away from the Politics

No…….not *politics* politics.  Never fear, my friends, I will never completely shy away from disgorging my own brand of political opinion onto the screen from time to time.

No, I’m talking about what I am relearning about as I jump back into the world of the crowded workplace:  Office politics.

For the most part, I can put my head down, do my job, and enjoy time away from the office with some great people who have remained my friends for years.  But I’m coming to the impression that there is at least one person in the office I need to watch my back around.  Not because this person dislikes me or has any reason to question the quality of my work.  I think.  But because I think this person is a very shrewd political player.  Of course, I don’t love this impression.  I am fighting the urge to try and confirm or disprove it.  I wonder what the motivation is (actually I think it’s obviously a well-honed self-interest).  But then I think to myself: Stay out of it.  I’m relatively new again.  The political wheels that are turning started before I came around and there is nothing I can do about them. 

And so, I won’t worry too much.  I’ll try and disengage my inflated sense of empathy for other people and just do my job.  Regular politics take up enough of my limited brain space.  The work place is for work. 

And the consumption of chocolate. 

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I play poker and drink rum…

…nothing really wrong with that.

I was thinking about it tonight as I joined a couple of co-workers for a quick drink after work. 

My co-worker and the bartender are great wine aficionados.  They spent a bit of time talking about food and wine, and wine, and wine making.  All good stuff.  I like good wine.  But I will admit I do not have a very sophisticated wine palate.  My senses just aren’t that stellar and the appreciation of the subtleties of wine are lost on my sub par sense of taste.  So, I honestly don’t know oakey from woody or whatever the proper wine terms are. 

So, there they are talking food and wine.  And I’m talking about how the World Series of Poker just started up in Vegas and how I’d love to watch some of it.  Then, I ask the bartender if he has any rum from Belize, which of course he does not.  Don’t know where I’ll find any after I finish the wonderful bottle my dear friend just gave me after her wedding.  It just tastes soooooo much better than regular rum.  Buttery and vanilla-y and yum.  1 Barrel.  Where do I find that in the States?

Anyway, I thought it was funny.  Wine and food.  Rum and poker.

In defense of my cultured side, I also play piano, can eat a five-course meal with good table manners, and I love love love the Academy of St. Martins in the Fields.  And I do like wine.  And wine making.  I’d just rather watch a professional poker player than wine maker.   

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