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I miss being able to get a flower lei everywhere.

The traditional lei, made of flowers or shells or other material, is a great way to express love, welcome, congratulations, or honor.  It has become a truly enduring symbol of Hawai’i.  http://www.hawaiiflowerlei.com/leitradition.aspx

On Maui you can buy a fresh flower lei almost everywhere.  Whenever I would pick someone up at the airport for a visit, I would stop first to buy a lei to greet him/her/them.  You can buy them at any Safeway store or, better yet, get a two-pack of purple orchid lei or a fancy tuberose lei at Costco.  Leis are a simple yet elegant way of recognizing someone special.

I miss them.  I miss being able to run to the grocery store and picking up a lei to share.  I miss giving them away.  I miss having them in the house.


I think this topic will be a continuing series here as I re-adjust to life in California.


You didn’t know I’m moving back to California?  eh? 

Oh – go see my entry about all the poor blogs stuck in draft.  I’ll try and finish the one that explains what I’ve been doing since the end of February. 

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