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….hello.  I am a lonely Blog Entry.

I am trapped in Draft phase and this crazy lady won’t let me out.  I am usually alone all day and night.  Sometimes she pops in to change a word, rearrange some punctuation, or delete half of me.!  But mostly I am alone.  Sometimes she cheats on me and starts a completely different Draft.  I don’t hate the Other draft.  I know it will get the same treatment as me. 

But wait!  Arghhh!  No!  She posted something!  She posted something meaningless and yet, here I still sit.  I am not meaningless!  I am interesting.  And I have information you might want to read!

But here I sit. 

And wait.

Guess you’ll never read about the ups and downs of trying to plan for the future.

You may not even know that my author flew the coop last week.  Took off.  Of course, I still see her because I am in some “cloud” that manages to follow her around wherever she goes.  Even if she flies to California on a moment’s notice.

Why would she do that?  Well, it’s not really my place as a simple DRAFT to pry, but between the e-mails flying around the cloud and the clicking on corporate websites, I’m hearing consistent chatter about things like “job openings”, “resumes”, “interviews”, and things of that nature.  There were phone calls.  I think there was even a Skype session.  Whatever that is.  And then I thought “Well! We got that over with, didn’t we?  Silly interviews are over.  Surely she will finish ME now!”

But no.  Of course not. 

Instead of calming down and going back to life as usual, she seemed to flutter around in even more of a frenzy and before you know it, I have to track her down in California.  Seems technology can only go so far with these interviewer types.  Personally I think that meeting in person is a little old fashioned.  But what do I know? I’m just an electronic Draft

So, here we are.  I’m ignored again in favor of things like “second interviews” and “quotes from moving companies” and……don’t even get me started on how verbose she can be in her e-mails to some dude about such mundane things like “our future.”  *yawn*  Your future will be fine lady.  But Blog Entries are NOT like fine wine.  We don’t age well on the shelf.  We get outdated.  We go stale.  We don’t like to be ignored!! 

Maybe somebody should start a letter-writing campaign.  “Free the Trapped Blog Entry!”  Release the stale words full of yesterday’s news, ambiguous rhyming words, and ranty venom.

Or not.  I can stay up here in the unread Draft clouds in the sky.  It’s certainly well-populated.  In fact, I think that “Script of the Century” just winked at me. 

I gotta go.

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