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Foods which disgust the crap out of me: You all know how much I love food.  Not much disgusts me.  I have been known to get nauseous from green onions.  Yuck.

TV show I loathe:  Any version of The Real Housewives except the one that is my (shhhhhhhh!) secret TV guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of New York.  When the heck is that one coming back on anyway?

Movie I loathe:  Braveheart.  Double yuck.

Music genres I loathe:   Toughie.  I appreciate at least a couple of good artists from every genre out there.  I do like regular rap but Gangsta Rap is pretty bad.

Magazine which annoys me:  Pretty much all of the ones that make money off of celebrity worship which quickly turns into celebrity trashing. 

Makes me cranky at restaurant:  When the hostess tosses a menu at a table to seat you without even looking at you.  Also, patronizing waitresses who offer me a lemonade while telling my friends about the drink specials.  However, offering me a children’s menu will definitely just make me laugh because it is so ridiculous and it offends my friends who wonder if they look old enough to be my parents.  Ha ha!  Love you guys.

Makes me cranky in public:  Incessant and unnaturally loud one-sided cell phone conversations. 

Makes me cranky in general:  People.

Pisses me off at home:  CHUKAR BIRDS.  Nobody likes you, you obnoxious birds.  Go AWAY.

Pisses me off at work:  That whiney chick in my office every day constantly interrupting my solitaire games.

Pisses me off in general:  This question is very similar to the cranky in general question.  That pisses me off.  😉

Makes me impatient at home:  Slow wi-fi connection. 

Makes me impatient at work:  Slow wi-fi connection which seriously endangers my high score on Bejeweled 2. 

Makes me impatient in public:  Elevator music.

Celebrity I hate:  I don’t care about most celebrities enough to hate any.
Music artist I hate:  Ditto. 

I could care less about:  Who gets into the Super Bowl.

Annoys the crap out of me weekdays:  Nothing in general.  I’m very easygoing, dontcha know?

Annoys the crap out of me weekends:  If Sweetie has to work both days.

Blogger’s habit that annoys you:  Which blogger?  The way that is punctuated implies one Blogger.  Do you mean Blogger the blog host?  I don’t use Blogger. 

Feature on your blog you hate:  None.  It’s my blog!

Movie star you despise:  See above.

Politician that you hate:  Hey brah.  I live on Maui.  No hate in the 808.

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