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Pictures are my memory

It is reasonable to say that, young as I am, I suffer greatly from C.R.S. (can’t remember, well you know).  The more information I stuff into my brain, the greater the flow of facts, memories, and information back out.  Not an uncommon ailment.  When it comes time to send out the end-of-the-year Christmas letter, I rely completely on my pictures from the year.  There they sit on my computer – in folders for each month of the year.  I click through, take notes, and slap together a summary of sorts.  Based almost solely on my digital record of the year and not on my personal recollection.  Apologies to anyone and anything that had a significant role in my year but didn’t manage to get captured by my camera. I probably left you out.  Journals and blogs serve a similar function but scrolling through pictures is more fun.

Most of the details of my blog yesterday came courtesy of pictures.  I had some images in my mind and specific recollections of moments during that day.  The pictures provided the rest of the details.  So I thought I would provide a few more pictures today since they served me so well. 

Enjoy, a hike on the Rigi Part 2, so to speak.

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