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Poker and Patience

There are many real-world lessons one can learn while playing the game of poker.

Take patience, for instance.  Patience is a valuable trait to have in life.  In poker, it is absolutely essential. 

Sure, you can get lucky and win a few hands with bravado and bullying.  But it won’t last.  Consistently good players must learn the skill of patience to accompany the art of the bluff and the brilliance of a good read. 


And grrrrrr…….I am late in getting this entry written and right now my throat is feeling like crap on a cracker.  Which is not anything new.  After my last trip to California, I realized I can’t really blame my chronic sore throat on the dry California weather.  I don’t know what to blame it on.  It hurts all the time.  In Maui.  In California.  All the time.  I kept thinking I was getting sick but I never actually get sick.   My current theory is that I have bit of acid reflux in my throat and that’s what is causing the constant pain.  I drink more coffee when I am in California and I think there is too much acid in my system .  But who knows.  Despite my general disdain for many doctors in this world, I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist when I get back home.  And I am not just basing my disdain on my past prejudice of stupid doctors.  This is based on my sitting down with several different doctors since I moved here/there and being – at the best – less than impressed with them.  At the worst, I have been spitting mad after leaving the most-idiotic-dermatologist ever who simply looked at me strangely after I asked him to help me figure out what was wrong instead of just giving me something to mask the symptoms.  He looked at me and said (I kid you not) “Most of my patients don’t care about that.”    And he proceeded to give me a prescription and open the door to show me out. 

Anyway, I may get my throat checked out.  They may figure something out.  They may not.  I’ve decided I certainly don’t have the patience to be in chronic pain.  I’m a big fat whiney whiner when it comes to chronic discomfort.  I hate it, want it to desist, and am a general grouch.

Apparently I don’t have the patience to play Omaha poker either.  Theoretically, if I had been playing a poker game this evening, and it was a freeroll (free to enter) and there was the maximum number of 5,000 players and it lasted for over 3 and a half hours, and I was well in the running to get a free ticket to a non-freeroll, you would think that I would sit on my short stack and not get riled up when people bet into me and I would quietly fold and wait for ONLY FIVE more people to bust out of the 5,000-person tournament, and I would certainly, certainly, certainly not go all-in on the flop with the best hand when big stacks have a better drawing hand.  Of course not.  I have LEARNED PATIENCE DARNITALL.  I was just telling Sweetie on the phone how awesome it was that I was doing so well in an Omaha game where I have learned to look at the board and say to myself:” If anyone can possibly have a better hand than me, someone will.”  That’s just the way of Omaha poker.  I was sooooo patient for so long.  I would never never bubble (or close to bubble) when I was guaranteed to money (ticket) if I just sat and waited a couple more minutes.  Theoretically, never. 

Actual life, however, may be a different matter.  Maybe. 

So, instead of a thoughtful and insightful blog about the merits of patience in poker, you get a rant about my throat and my brilliant snap of patience (theoretically speaking of course) in the final moment of a poker tournament.  What can I say?  I come from a long line of impatient people – my grandmother and my mother, for two.  They are not women known for their patience.  I’m a bit better than both of them, but I guess I have a long way to go, baby.

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