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Friday Five – Frightful

This week, Friday Five asks us to name FIVE things you might do when “the weather outside is frightful”.

Hmmm…..I will have to use my imagination since the weather outside is never frightful.  Our weather here in Maui is practically the same all year round.  Oh, the highs may change from 75 to 90 and the lows may change from 55 to 70.  That’s about it.  We get rain from time to time and it is very often windy, but the temperature stays constant.  There is no central heat or air in our rental.  No built-in means of heating this house at all.  No fireplace.  No heater.  Nothing.  Because we don’t need it.  Sweetie would love for air conditioning but we make do with fans, open windows and the trade winds. 

But since I’m such a homebody, I don’t need much of an excuse to do something indoors, so here you go:

1.  Eat popcorn, drink tea, read a book, and hang out with Sweetie.  I know I would enjoy this because this is how we spent one day of our honeymoon.  Most of the time, we had a full agenda of hiking and exploring Yellowstone but we took one cold cold day off and stayed inside.  I cheated by working for a couple of hours but it was mostly a very relaxing day.   

2.  Sit on my couch and play some Civilization.  It’s my only real gaming vice.  Sweetie and I have a Play Station mostly so we can have a Blu-ray player.  I bought a couple of other games for the Playstation but I only play Civilization and yes, I can keep myself occupied for a long time.

3.  Depending on your definition of “frightful”, I might go for a walk outside.  I hate being cold but I love a good walk in the rain.  Just enjoyed one about a week ago.  One person’s frightful is another person’s delight, I think.

4.  Have an Angel/Buffy/Battlestar fest.  There is no excuse too big or small to get me to sit and re-watch some of my favorite episodes.

5.  Clean the house.  If the weather is too cold.  Not because I really want to.  Not because being stuck inside is a good time to clean.  But because I always manage to work up a sweat and keep myself warm when I do.

Aloha and Happy Friday all!

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