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It’s that time of year again – December. You know – eggnog (yuck), Christmas music (nice), good will and long lines, and – oh! Holidailies.

True to form, I crashed and burned on my NaNoWriMo attempt this year. The story took off like gangbusters in my head but sputtered out on the screen.  Someday I may return to it.  Although what I would really like to do is go back and properly edit my successful NaNo story and see if there is anything truly publishable from it.  Ahhh……goals.

I will try and stay a little more focused during Holidailies. Holidailies is based on a simple concept.  Participants try to update blogs every day from December 7 to January 6.  There is a Holidailies-equivalent for every month of the year so I’m not sure why I pick the December month to marathon blog. 

I’m sure I will have time most days this month to blog.  It’s only difficult when I factor in all the traveling Sweetie and I will be doing between now and January 6 – back to California, from my mom’s house to his mom’s house to friends’ homes to everywhere-in-between, and back to Maui again.  But then, blogging will probably be a good break from the Christmas activity.

You can check out all the fun over at Holidailies.   Oh – and by the way – for people who have wandered over from Holidailies, I should probably make the same admission here I did on Multiply – I am being a bit unfaithful to my blog.  For the last several years, my blog migrated from Yahoo to Multiply.  I’m re-starting some blogging over here on WordPress while I try and decide if I want to move here permanently or just keep flirting with this site.  If you want to see most of my recent blogs, you can mosey over here: http://stonegirlblog.multiply.com/.  I know.  It’s a pain and confusing, but what can I say? I’m fickle. 

For those of you ambling over from Holidailies, I suppose the question of the day is:  Just who exactly is this Stone Girl?

hmmmm…..good question.  I may have to steal from past introductions….

Who am I?  I am more than three names and less than the legacy of my four grandparents.  I am a world-traveling homebody.  I am an insomniac and vivid dreamer.  A wife to my Sweetie, daughter to my mom, Lil Sis to my Big Sibs, Aunty to my nephews, and you-gotta-love-me friend to my pals.  A recovering workaholic who has learned how to slack off while living in Maui.  Raised in small-town California.  Born in small-town Europe.  Technical writer.  Creative writer.  Blogging writer.  Laugher, crier, worker, player.  Hiker, music-lover, piano player, seeker, and student-of-life.   Environmental analyst, which means few people understand exactly what I do for a living.  I am comfortable in my own skin and always trying to grow a little more.   Loyal Aggie.  Lactose intolerant.  An open-minded Christian who counts the Dalai Lama as one of my only heroes.  Comic book collector.  Professional when I need to be, goofy by nature.   I believe in self-reliance for myself and helping others when I can.  

My cube was opaque and slightly iridescent. 

Who are You?

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