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I finally made it to the Maui County Fair.  It seems I am away from the island every year around the beginning of October.  Ok, so last year I was getting ready for my wedding.  I was still bummed to miss the Fair. 

But yesterday, Sweetie and I made it!  Hooray.  We shelled out our 5 bucks for……uhhhhhh….  ummm.. … ………… ….errrrrrrrr………..what has to be the smallest County fair I have ever attended.  Even the Yolo County Fair – which was free at the time – was a little larger, I think.  But!  No matter.  We knew it was a small affair.  Ha ha.  It was very local and very quaint.  With prize-winning star fruit and bread fruit and lots and lots of roosters.  ‘Cause we got a LOT of roosters on Maui (though not nearly as many as Kauai, I found out). 

We walked around the cool Orchid show.  Saw the local art from elementary school through high school.  Walked through the small livestock and poultry area.  Watched as unsupervised kids tried to take swipes at the roosters.  Walked through the arts and crafts tent.  And we went in search of fried food.

Jeez! There was a serious lack of fried food at this fair.  Of course, they had the fried twinkie booth.  But I wanted lunch, not dessert.  Sweetie and I walked past every food booth.  Past the loco-moco plate, mochiko chicken, and poi mochi.  Past the pork adobo, Irish stew, BBQ pork, and nachos.  Past the dry mein, chow fun, lau lau, and chicken hekka.  Oohhh…..wait.  We stopped at the chicken hekka booth for some chicken hekka for Sweetie.  Finally, we ended up at the fried ice cream, fried cheese, and fried zucchini booth.  That was pretty much my only choice and I REALLY wanted some fried food at the fair.  So, since I love fried zucchini, I ordered up a plate and we settled down for lunch.  The fried zucchini was pretty good.  Not as good as the good ol’ days of fried zucchini at Sudwerk (*sigh*), but pretty good.   We also ended up getting some hot malasadas at the end of the day.  mmmm…..fried bread dough in sugar.  Wooo!  Can’t beat that. 

We walked past all the rides and I asked Sweetie if he wanted to try anything.  I said I was game, even though we all know I can get motion sick from riding a tricycle.  But the lines were long, the kids were screaming, and we both had work to finish before we leave for our trip.  So, we just walked around and then headed out.

All in all, it was a good quick trip to the fair.

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