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Hey folks,

Well, I think it is time to ask you to change your bookmarks for my blog.

I had planned to stick around here until Yahoo transitions 360 in early 2008. However, as folks who use 360 have probably noticed, the bugs are getting more frequent and more buggy. It’s a little annoying, and some bloggers have even lost their entire blog!

I am packing up and moving.

My friends who are using this blog to keep up with me – my new site is here:


So far, I am pretty happy with the workings of Multiply. Most people I’ve met through 360 have already moved over there. And I’m not yet ready to launch my own site. So, I’m packing my little bags and shuffling on. This move is MUCH cheaper than moving from California to Maui, I can tell you.

Hope to see you all over on Multiply. Happy trails!

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