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In case you missed it, I am copying over some of the text from the latest blog from the Yahoo 360 Product “Team.”

To me, one of the most telling answers was “No, we will no longer by fixing bugs in 360.”

Well, if that isn’t a clear FU to the 360 users, I don’t know what is. I’m seeing more and more people complain about bugs with their pages. Knowing that the Yahoo Team is spending zero effort to fix these does not speak well for the on-going operations around here. I’ve read some comments accusing Yahoo of abandoning the site, so people will quit, so they can say “Oh well – no one uses 360 anyway.”


I really do like the Yahoo blog format. And the community here. Instead of a bunch of spastic screaming teens, I have made contact with some great thinking, great writing, mature, smart, funny, caring, fascinating people.

Many of whom, it seems, are jumping over to Multiply. So, yes – I went to check it out. I think you can get there at http://multiply.com.

And yes……I will probably start moving some of my old blogs over there. They have made it pretty easy to import Yahoo 360 blogs. There are even instructions on the “Yahoo 360 Refugees” Group blog about how to move your comments along with your blogs.

I’ll stick around here at 360 to see what happens. But, I suppose it never hurts to have a back-up plan.

Here’s the Yahoo Team blog…..

After reading the comments and talking to the 360° users, we put together a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Q: Why are you transitioning 360? We love it the way it is.
A: Yahoo! is building a universal profile system to provide a more integrated experience. We currently have many different profiles for different Yahoo! products. Our goal is to centralize as many of these as possible into one common profile.

Q: Will the new profile platform have blogs?
A: Yes, the new platform will have blogging features. We’ll provide a way for you to move all your existing blog content to the new platform.

Q: My existing 360° information is very important to me. Will there be a way to migrate all my information, blog posts, friends, etc. to the new profile platform?
A: Yes. We will preserve your Yahoo! 360 blog content, profile photo, nickname, and friends lists during and after the transition. You’ll have a way to back up your information as well as a tool to migrate your information into the new profile service.

Q: Will any of the existing 360° features be taken away before the transition?
A: No.

Q: Will the bugs be fixed on 360°?
A: No, we will no longer be fixing bugs related to 360°. We are putting all of our resources on building the new profile system.

Q: What is Mash?
A: Mash is an experimental profile service currently in an invite-only beta phase. It provides users with enhanced interaction. Friends can edit each others’ profiles (if they allow it) and users can add modules to express their personality and interests.

Q: Will the new profile service be Mash?
A: The universal profile will not be Mash — at least not the Mash that you see today. The new profile is likely to share the same platform as Mash, which means that we can provide you with greater flexibility than you currently have on 360°.

We’ll provide updates on the new profile service here on the blog. But, there’s lots of work to be done, and most likely we will not have additional details in the near future. We will keep you apprised over the next several months

We value our 360° users and our goal is to build a new profile and blogging solution that will delight all of you. I encourage all of you to continue providing comments and asking questions.

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