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Wedding Vanity Update

Yes, I’m trying to work on some good entries about the wedding and honeymoon. I’ll get them done…….someday.

I have to brag about some things though. Sweetie and I really had a great day. Here are some reasons why.

1. We had the best guests ever. Really. Folks were so happy and in good spirits. The wedding coordinator at the country club could not stop telling us how nice our guests were. I don’t know. Maybe other wedding guests are grumpy. Or demanding. Or maybe she was just humoring us. But I looked out at the sea of smiling faces, and watched everyone talking and enjoying themselves, and I know how far many of them traveled to see us wed. And I knew they were the best guests ever.

2. We had the cutest ring bearer and flower girl ever. No really. I can’t tell you how cute and good these guys were. My youngest nephew as ring bearer was a hoot! We was awesome all day. Hung out with us women in the prep room. Took pictures with the guys. Carried the rings with the utmost diligence. Didn’t pick his nose during the ceremony. Stood right in front of the groomsmen looking snazzy the whole time. Even took some adorable pictures that caught a smile on his face. The only thing he would not do?? Hold the flower girls hand. No way. Nope. Absolutely not.

She, also, was a fantastic trooper all day. Hung out with us women in the prep room. Sat down quietly to draw after her dress was on. Handed me two pictures as a wedding present. Laughed whenever the photographer told her to smile. And the cutest thing ever? – well – she had been showing me a ballet move for two days – the one where you put your arms over your head….palms and fingers facing each other – what do they call that? Very cute. When Sweetie and I watched one of the videos of the processional, we saw the two of them standing to walk down the aisle….waiting for their cue….and then….right before they set off together….Snap!….her arms went up over her head….little ballet move….and Snap!…her arms were down again….and she marched towards the aisle with her flower basket in arm. Holy crap!! It was soooooo cute!

3. We had the best flowers ever. I was pretty sure I could count on our florist to put something nice together. When we were talking to/interviewing florists for the wedding, she really seemed to “get it.” It helped that she wasn’t the woman who kept talking about my “red” flowers. Uhhhh….red is not one of our colors. The flowers she put together – everything – for the men, the women, the tables, etc…..all were awesome. Beautiful. She even ordered tuberoses from Hawai’i and stuck some in my bouquet so we had the sweet scent of the island with us all night. Fantastic.

4. We had the best toasts ever. My sister was happy and proud and emotional and funny. She spoke from her heart. She said the nicest things about us. She almost made me cry, but mostly she made me want to hug her and my Sweetie at the same time because I listened to her and knew how awesome they both are. The best man – well, you kind of had to be there, but it was priceless. Something along the lines of……I am going to describe their relationship using the language of love…………mathematics.

And then he pulled out a graph. It was hilarious.

5. We had a great site. I’ve been browsing lots of wedding photos from other weddings. Lots of nice elements to other places. What I love about the pictures of our site is that – from every angle in every picture – you see nice nature backgrounds. A pond, golden brown grass, evergreen trees, fall-colored trees, flowers. Could not see the road, or the reception building. Just nature. Which is very us, I think.

Those are just some of the highlights of a crazy good day.

I think brides must fall somewhere on two ends of the spectrum. Some (dare I say the bridezillas) seem to see disaster in the smallest flaws, get upset at the slightest upset in plans, or feel the need to order everyone else around to get what they want. Some (hopefully me) see their wedding day through rose-colored glasses. And, barring any major disaster, are just plain tickled at all the good wishes, happy faces, and crazy behind-the-scenes events that no one else will know about. I’m sure a hundred brides out there would insist they have the best of everything also. But, darn it! it was my wedding day! So I can brag all I want. *stomp*

hmmm….I guess this can be counted as a wedding post.

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Let the Madness Begin

I’ll blog about it again once we get closer to the start date.

But for now –

I’m there! I’m ready! May insanity ensue!


Check it out HERE.

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