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We’re back!

Howdy folks!

Wow. What a whirlwind week and a half. Crazy. Busy. Relaxing. And truly wonderful.

I don’t know how to blog all the details, but I have to say – I AM SO HAPPY!!!

Everything worked out so well, I can’t even tell you. Fantastic. Blessed. Beautiful.

My Sweetie and my wedding was truly picture-perfect. We were surrounded by our family and good friends. So many family and extended family members. School friends, college friends, work friends, old bosses and co-workers, kids, babies, grandfathers. So many people! And……yes…….you guessed it……thanks for your positive thoughts on this one…….not ONE drop of rain!! On the wedding day. Sweetie and I were sitting in his hotel room the day before, waiting to go to the rehearsal. One of his buddies came in and said “Did you know it’s hailing outside?” What!? Yes, it rained. And it was freezing cold during the rehearsal, and quite wet. But we weathered through it. And Saturday shone bright and sunny, the chairs dried out, the sky was clear, and it didn’t get too cold until we had everyone inside for the reception.

Woo hoo!

All the usual wedding stuff and then ZAP! It was done. Done. No more planning. No more lists. No more nothing. We were done!

And then – ZIP! – Off to Yellowstone. Yes, apparently – when you live in Maui, you to go Wyoming for your honeymoon. We loved it! And again – don’t know how – but we had perfect weather. Gorgeous. Cold, but clear. And it had just dumped snow and rain before we got there. But not on us. We spent two days in Jackson so we could see Grand Teton National Park. Hiked around Jenny Lake to the fabulous Inspiration Point. Wow! Then spent five days at Yellowstone. Saw Bald eagles, elk, moose, bison, coyote, a bear, a beaver, and a wolf. Yes! Yours truly, she who is part wolf – I saw one of my howling own out in the Lamar Valley……way out there……but there he was. It was amazing.

Anyway, just wanted to write a quick word. The pictures are still on the camera. I’ll deal with those when we get back to Maui. I’ll try and write more of a travelog. For now, thanks for all the good wishes, thanks a million times over to the loved ones who shared the day with us. And – HEY! Guess what?! I’m married.

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