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I know I haven’t really been blogging about it (so much to do, not much time to say), but I am happy to announce the wedding day is just one day away! I have now reached the point where two things have happened:

1) My brain is mush. I’m not stressed, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember anything. I put something next to my purse to take with me to my Sweetie. I forget it. I manage to actually LOAD something into my car to give to my Sweetie. I forget about it and drive back home with the same box. All I have to say is – it’s a good thing most of my lists are already written. Advice to brides: Write your lists well in advance. Or buy a good wedding planning book. Don’t rely on your own brain the week of your wedding. It mushifies. Really.


2) It doesn’t really matter. Not the things I forget. Not the nails I break. Not the rain that is currently falling. Most everything is taken care of. We have planned well. Things will happen. At the end of the day, we will be married. And in the end, that’s what really matters. I love him so much my heart may burst. He loves me and has put up with my wedding micro-managing for months. We are going to PARTY with our good friends and family from all over the world. Literally – people are coming in from England, from Switzerland, from Ohio and North Carolina, from Texas even. These people are happy to share our big day with us, and I wouldn’t spoil one minute of that by worrying too much about anything. Now…….if I can just stick to that through Saturday, I will be very happy. heh heh

We’ll be happy no matter. It took us both a long time to find the right person for a lasting marriage. We are proud to stand in front of our loved ones and say so. How much better can you get??

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