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This one takes the cake.

You know how I’ve mentioned that, being a small newspaper and all, the paper here in Maui seems to print every letter that is sent to it? It makes for some funny reading sometimes, as I like to share on this blog.

Yesterday, they printed a letter from a reader with a complete urban legend in it. Personally, I think that does a disservice to their readers, even if you want to be nice and print every single person’s letter. But, geeeez, even I vet e-mails and such before I ever forward them. Snopes.com is a wonderful site.

I’m not going to reproduce the hogwash here. It’s the misinformation about why Starbucks didn’t send free coffee to Iraq. It’s NOT TRUE. Not the way the story goes around. It’s an urban legend. Booooo on the Maui News for allowing misleading lies to be printed in their newspaper, no matter the source.

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