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…I actually do have plenty of spare moments during the day.

It’s more like – my brain is SO scattered, I can’t seem to sit down and write anything. And I have some deep and meaningful thoughts in my head, believe me.

I also have random and unmeaningful thoughts in my head. It’s all there. Rattling around.

It must be humid right now. It’s really not that hot, but I cannot stop sweating. I feel like a sweaty, smelly lump. How nice.

Can I just say – as I’m working on so many wedding details….I am soooo happy Sweetie and I scheduled a honeymoon. We lollygagged for a looong time on that one. We were thinking we’d like to do a big international trip – maybe New Zealand. Maybe Switzerland and France. We talked about postponing the honeymoon until we could plan a big trip next year. Then, I told him – we need to just plan something for right after the wedding. There is a chance that, if we wait until next year, nothing will get planned. Also, I think we would really regret it if we didn’t take some time off right after the wedding.

So, we agreed on a place, I took charge and planned the whole trip. We are taking a shortish trip to Yellowstone. And we have our itinerary all laid out and our reservations made. And, as I frazzle around getting ready for the wedding, I keep picturing myself doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in gorgeous Yellowstone National Park. And boy – that is a very soothing thought. Very nice. Can’t wait. Calgon, take me awaaaay.

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