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Entry for September 28, 2007

Foolish men.

Foolish women.

You have so much.

Why do you ask for more?


Foolish man

Fallible woman.

Why seek the moon,

when you have the shore?


Each grain of sand

is yours to hold.

The waves thunder

for your ears alone.


Yet you would walk

the desert heat.

For one more grain,

your greed would roam.


When will you learn

your own true value?

When will you revel

on your own ground?


Stop looking away.

Stop thinking of tomorrow.

Stop searching outside

and you will be found.

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This one takes the cake.

You know how I’ve mentioned that, being a small newspaper and all, the paper here in Maui seems to print every letter that is sent to it? It makes for some funny reading sometimes, as I like to share on this blog.

Yesterday, they printed a letter from a reader with a complete urban legend in it. Personally, I think that does a disservice to their readers, even if you want to be nice and print every single person’s letter. But, geeeez, even I vet e-mails and such before I ever forward them. Snopes.com is a wonderful site.

I’m not going to reproduce the hogwash here. It’s the misinformation about why Starbucks didn’t send free coffee to Iraq. It’s NOT TRUE. Not the way the story goes around. It’s an urban legend. Booooo on the Maui News for allowing misleading lies to be printed in their newspaper, no matter the source.

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Dark Matter Update

Article in paper today about dark energy, or dark matter – that stuff out in the universe that is a repulsive force driving galaxies apart.

The gist of the news from NASA and other researchers is this:

“We still don’t know what it is.”

They think dark energy makes up about 74-percent of everything there is in the universe. They just don’t know what it is. Fascinating! I’ve blogged about the mysteries of dark matter – and other deep mysteries of Earth. Glad to hear the top minds in the country are still working on it, even though “We don’t know any more today than we did 10 years ago” says Saul Perlmutter.

I say – put the CSI team on it. They can go out, scoop up some dark matter with a cotton swab, throw it in the DNA-spectral-analysis-blood-spatter-bullet-tracer-super-magic-thingamabob-y and – Voila! – I’m sure they could figure out dark matter in a jiffy.

Until then, Mario Livio (a theorist at the Space Telescope Science Institute) says “We need humility. It’s as if we had no idea what water is, even though water covers three-quarters of the Earth.”

We need humility.

Well, that can apply to all of us, I think.

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Wow. This outcome surprised me. Yea me!

You will notice the answer does not say “You CONFIDENTLY Passed 8th Grade Science.”

You Passed 8th Grade Science
Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

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Writers’ Block Challenge #18

You Know Me

You know me

I’m the high school football star without a scholarship who finished college.

I’m the daughter of the soldier-son of a soldier.

I’m the father who went back to the battlefield,

with my two sons.

I’m the doctor,

The mechanic,

The pilot,

Who sought to serve more than just an employer.




I was right outside your door.

I sold you Girl Scout cookies.

I dated your daughter.

I pushed my stroller past your window with leash in hand,

loved ones in sight.

I shopped,

I walked,

I mowed,

I said goodbye to routine and safe slumber.




You remember me.

But do you know where I am today?


I am not outside your door.

The traces of my voice are too far away for you to hear.

The pain I see is too much for you to imagine.

The reasons and whys don’t matter as much

as the whos and wheres.

I am dirty.

I am hot.

I am loyal and strong.


And I want the same thing you yearn for:

To share your door once again.



Writers’ Block Challenge is HERE. This is my first try.

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This is fun and slightly hilarious.

In light of my upcoming nuptials, some of my dearest friends decided they would organize our very own Bachelorette Party. Wheeeee!

I gotta hand it to my gals – they know how to organize a fantastic getaway. We had the most decadent, fun, relaxing weekend. We shared dinner. We went dancing. We shared lunch. We went to a spa. ahhhhh!!

I have to make one funny observation from our jaunt out on the town last night: I am soooooooo very very unhip. While I sit in my car and listen to NPR, the young folks of the urban lands are listening to music like I’ve never heard before. I admit it – I haven’t been out dancing in a real club for……..when was the last bachelorette party I went to?……well, it’s been years. And it’s been over 15 years since I went out dancing more than once a year. And my friends and I are stuck in the 80s during our own private dance crazes.

But out we went, my brave friends and I. One of whom actually goes out on a regular basis. And one of whom listens to MTV on a regular basis and recognized most of the songs being played.

Me? Pretty clueless. The kids on my street are all under 13 or so. I don’t work with 20-somethings anymore. I don’t watch MTV because I was under the impression they don’t actually play VIDEOS anymore. *sigh*

Never a good dancer to begin with, I was somewhat grateful for a packed dance floor to hide my stumbles while I stared up at video screens showing videos of songs everyone else seem to know. Lil Mama. huh? Lady Sovereign. ehh??  Bob Sinclar. wha?? Justin Timberlake. Oh!! I’ve heard of him!! Sweet.  It was pretty funny. I was probably the oldest person in the room, but hey – you know what? I’m only getting married once, and if my friends and I want to use the opportunity to dance ourselves to exhaustion like we used to, I say “Yea for us!!”  Although it seems that exhaustion came a tad bit faster than I recollect it did 10 years ago.

It is also interesting to note that the age-old Club behavior still applies. For me it is “DO NOT make eye contact with anyone for more than 2 seconds.” I love to look around at all the people, and it’s fun to see how people dance and it’s just nice to see people having a good time. BUT, inevitably, if you make eye contact with a guy for more than 2 seconds, he takes it as an invitation to come over and dance with you. And I use “dance” loosely. It’s more – his own private grope fest. My friends and I had to rescue each other a couple of times during the night. Ug.

I was pretty excited when I heard Bob Sinclar’s song sampling that good ol’ dance staple of my youth – C & C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now.” Nice to see the kids acknowledging the classics. Ha! I’m classic (that’s one word for it).  

Wanna know what the kids are dancing to these days?

Check it out…..

Lil Mama – Lip Gloss

Bob Sinclar – Rock This Party

Lady Sovereign……

I don’t think I can post anything and not have to change this entry to “Mature Content.”

And, if you are like me, here is one you may know.

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….the things some people say and believe.

You know, I’m not really going to try and chime in on the particulars of the Jena 6 case. Truth is, I didn’t know about the previous incidents before last week, so I don’t know all the facts of the cases. I don’t.

But I thought someone made a very telling statement to the news crews on the day of the protest march in Jena. On the news that night they interviewed people who had traveled in buses to attend the march. Then, they interviewed several people in town who were awaiting the arrival of marchers. One woman stated this:

“We live in the 21st century. They’re not going to let people get rail-roaded!”


What planet of brotherly love do YOU live on? Pull the wool away from your eyes, dear. She didn’t object to the marchers, but she seems to think there is no reason why any group of people would need to stand up and make a case for racial justice.

And that, my friends, is exactly why we still need these types of marches. Not to make a case for or against particular people. Not to be angry. But to say to folks in this country – there are a lot of places here where people of different races are not on a level playing field. And doesn’t everyone deserve that?

I honestly don’t think all the marches in the world will change the heart of racist people. These people are going to believe whatever they want to believe. Maybe because they are afraid. Maybe because they seek power. Maybe because they’ve been brainwashed. Who knows.

But I think people need to look around and realize that inequities still exist. Everywhere. I’m not singling out the southern portions of our Nation. Or the big cities. Or the impoverished. Many places will have problems. I spent about 10 years in a college town in California. Lots of ethnicities in town. And lots and lots of highly educated people. Lots. But they couldn’t escape the brutality of race-related problems. Insulting graffiti on homes. Fights in the schools. Alleged racial profiling by the City’s police department. I spent a lot of time talking to a friend of mine who knows the amount of times her two sons (she’s white, her kids are black) were pulled over by police in town – for invisible infractions. For the sheer sport of it, it seemed. Years of this behavior, so that it got to the point that her law-abiding sons were afraid of the police. And finally moved out of town. She’s been trying to complain to the police department for years. The community itself held a march in 2006 protesting alleged racial profiling by the police department. It may not be as bad as other parts of the country, but these problems still exist, from one end of the nation to the other.

Now, I’m not as sensitive to racism as my father used to be. Bless his heart, if someone seated us in a restaurant too close to either the front door – or to the kitchen – Dad would get this grumbly look in his eye like “We’ve been singled out!” And you couldn’t win. If we went to a Chinese restaurant – we were singled out because my mom is Caucasian. If we went to any other restaurant – we were singled out because Dad is Asian. He never actually said it, but there are several restaurants dad would not let us return to after a perfectly good meal. But keep in mind – Dad grew up in the 1940s through 60s. He had seen his fair share of hardcore hatred and discrimination. That tends to wear on a human being.

So, I’m not that sensitive. And I think things have much improved since my father was a young man. But I don’t believe we live in a lovely place where no one gets railroaded anymore. It’s not an equal playing field by far. And people shouldn’t live in oblivion.

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