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Wedding arrghh and ahhh!!

So, the bridesmaids dresses came in, and I distributed them to the gals, and they are now all in hand. And, as seems to be the case with many dress designers, most of them are too big. Which I should have known because I ended up having to order sizes that were bigger than what the gals told me they normally wear. Because, when you order these kinds of dresses, the shop doesn’t ask you “What’s her size?” They ask you “What’s her measurements?” And then, they compare the measurements against that particular dress-maker’s measurements, and you match up the appropriate size.

Only, none of the girls exactly measured up with the dressmaker’s sizes. I’m not sure what these dress designers think a real woman looks like. Must be someone with normal hips, a teeny-tiny-nearly-invisible waist, and ginormous knockers. Because, that’s how the sizes went. I had to match the gals’ waist sizes, which meant the bust was going to be way big on most of them. ARGgghhh!

Plus, all the sizes were bigger than their normal size. Which doesn’t make sense. If you are designing dresses for women to wear at a wedding, wouldn’t you want to size them so that the size is normal, or perhaps smaller than normal? Then, a gal could order them and say “Wow, I just ordered a 6, and I’m normally an 8! How nice!” Rather than “What the heck is this bride doing ordering me a size 10 when I’m normally a size 8?!! I can’t believe I agreed to be in her wedding. Of all the NERVE!”

Not that this actually happened to me, but I can tell you this – most women don’t like hearing you’ve ordered them a size larger. But, the saying goes “It’s easier to take in a dress than let it out.” Don’t ask me to explain. It’s all about available fabric on the dress, etc. I think it’s true, because I know I’ve had a bridesmaid dress altered for me that was about 4 sizes bigger than I normally wear (it was on sale). And it really was pretty easy to alter.

Anyway, I had to go with the bigger sizes, for fearing of getting dresses that were too small.

They are definitely not too small. But the gals, bless their hearts, are soldiering on and getting alterations, and being generally very nice to this here bride.

On a good note – we (Sweetie and I) finally found our rings!!! This is a big “Whew!” for me. We found a ring for me months ago that I liked well enough. But I didn’t *love* it. And Sweetie took time ordering it. So much time that, when he told me he was going to, I told him that – given the chance, I’d like to keep looking. So we did. Looked again. And again. And we found one last week! And I love it, and feel like it really is the right ring for me. And am very excited because it is basically a flat band, which means I won’t be banging and slamming a fat ring around all the time, as I am sure to do if I had a big fat ring. But it does have tiny tiny diamonds around the edge, so there is a bit of sparkle to it. Simple but elegant, I think. Very happy.

And that’s about it for the wedding update.

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