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….hello again!

Just got back from another no-cell-phone, no-internet-connection kind of getaway. Pretty nice. Perfect timing, as it turned out, to watch the annual Perseids meteor shower! New moon, big meteor shower, and NO light pollution up at a cabin in Tahoe National Forest. Can’t beat that. The shower was pretty great. Didn’t stay up too late, but I saw a bunch of shooting stars, including some great ones with tails.

We also saw lots and lots of bear scat around the cabin. On two different roads beside and behind the cabin, and on the trail down to the river. And, one person at the cabin actually saw the bear the day before we got up there! He was fishing at the river, and a bear came lumbering down the opposite side of the river. He yelled at it, but didn’t wait around to see if the bear would run off or not. Pretty exciting. Sweetie and I did not see any bears ourselves. But still – lots of fresh scat, so we knew they (he? she?) was nearby.

And, for our final bit of excitement, we are supposed to fly back home to Maui tomorrow. And, once we were in cell phone range, we got a few messages about Hurricane Flossie. She is supposed to graze the southern end of the Big Island tomorrow afternoon. So…..we’ll just see how our flight goes, won’t we?? Ack. Wish us luck!

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