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This week, I read Ancsweetnsassygal’s Thirteen, and she got me thinking about music. I love MUSIC! So this week I present: THIRTEEN OF MY FAVORITE CONCERTS I’VE ATTENDED THROUGH THE YEARS  

1. Starship – Don’t ask me the year. But they were promoting “Knee Deep in the Hoopla.”
2. Tears for Fears – One of my top four concerts ever was the Seeds of Love Tour. Went with T and A-Squared. We danced the whole time and sang every song. So fun!
3. Phil Collins – I’ve seen him three times, but my favorite was probably the But Seriously tour. That was a great album. Maybe the last great album. I’m a sucker for Phil in concert for four great words: “In the Air Tonight.”
4. Journey – Oh boy – trying to remember the album. I think it was “Raised on Radio.” We saw them in Fresno, so you can imagine the crowd was crazy happy to see them. Steve Perry was pretty happy also.
5. Scorpions – That was quite an adventure! Standing in the pit with one of my best female friends while the guys around us pushed, shoved, and showered sweat on top of us. Yuck! But fun. It was the “Face the Heat” tour. Love my Scorps!
6. Depeche Mode – Been to a few of their concerts, but I loved the Exciter tour. Loved it so much, I bought the concert on DVD.
7. Pearl Jam– I think it was the “Yield” tour. Very glad I was not on the floor for that one! Those fans are nuts.
8. Michael W. Smith – Of all the times I have seen him live, I think the most moving was his “Lead You Home” tour. Secret Ambition made me cry. It’s probably still my favorite album of his.
9. Sarah Brightman –What a show this woman puts on! Costume changes. Giant swing over the arena. Lights! Confetti! Crazy! Mom, Big Sis, and I had a lot of fun. I think this was following her “Dive” album.
10. Josh Schramm – We Josh Schramm followers love every one of his shows! Great songs, great atmosphere, great guy! Fun all around and some incredible music. Check out February.
11. Hungry Lucy – Saw them in San Francisco as they promoted “Glo.” Christa’s voice is fantastic live, and it was so fun to see them in person!
12. Sarah McLachlan – I will not pass up an opportunity to hear “Fear” live. Looove that. Plus the rest. All good. Where is she these days?
13. U2 – Had to see them, yes? Good show, but we were in the nosebleed section in Oakland. Hard to dance when you’re worried about toppling to your death. But fun! I think it was “Pop” but I can’t remember what year I saw them.

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You know how I mentioned the big wildfire up near South Lake Tahoe?

It’s still raging and many structures have been destroyed and it really sucks. And residents, especially evacuees and people who have lost structures, are all very upset. Understandably so.

But what’s the first thing everyone seems to be doing?

Blaming someone else.

They are blaming the Forest Service for not completing enough prescribed burns. They are blaming the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency for not allowing them to cut trees. They are blaming every agency they can name.


You live in a FOREST. According to experienced fire fighters, these are the driest conditions that have seen for 40 years. You can’t blame anyone for that (well, I’m sure people can). One woman came on the news last night and explained that she did cut out 100 feet (or is it yards..?) of defensible space around her home, and her home did not burn. Some residents may blame the Forest Service or other government agencies for not letting them cut trees, but I’m sure many residents never tried to clear trees and brush away from their houses. How do I know? They showed one house on the news that had a huge pine tree as one corner of their patio deck. Intentionally built into the house. Very pretty. But it’s a tall freaking pine tree with pine needles right above your house. I understand not wanting to cut away all the trees around your house when you live in a beautiful forest. But why scream blame at someone else when this kind of uncontrollable accident happens? Why are we always looking for someone to blame?

I’ve admitted that I would be devastated if my entire home was destroyed. I don’t mind people being distraught. But why, why is it – the first thing they do is have a meeting and scream at public agencies? Are they trying to set up their lawsuit cases already? Or are they just trying to redirect all their personal frustration on someone else, as if that will assuage their own grief? Why not focus on yourself, and your family, and concentrate on getting your insurance payments (you were insured, right?). Why add grief upon grief by screaming at everyone else, when YOU LIVE IN A FOREST and everyone *says* they were expecting this type of fire at some time or another? Why distract yourself with more reasons to be upset and angry? Why not at least wait until the fire is controlled and officials can concentrate on what you have to say, rather than have to deal with a raging mob who points blame before the final ember is extinguished? No one likes a raging mob.

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