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Who doesn’t love board games? My sister and I used to have marathon Saturdays, where we would pull out a stack of games and see who could win the most. Here are our old favorites. THIRTEEN BOARD GAMES MY SISTER AND I PLAYED, YEARS AGO

1. Clue – One of my favorites. I love a good mystery.

2. Battleship – Another favorite. I really wanted the electronic version when it came out. But we had to settle for making our own sound effects.

3. CareersThis was a lesser-known board game. Don’t know where we got it, but it was fun to play.

4. Life – Classic. For some reason, my victory condition was not having the most money at the end but having a carload full of kids. I was so excited when I landed on “You’ve got twins!” Don’t ask me why.

5. Chess – My sister and I were pretty well matched. We knew the moves, but not much strategy.

6. Monopoly – I wanna be the hat!

7. BoggleWords, words, words.

8. Scrabble – More words. Another classic. Have you read Word Freak? I haven’t but it sounds great.

9. Othello (reversi) The board game we had was called Othello.

10. Nine Men’s Morris or Muhlespiel in German I had to look this one up. My sister and I learned it from our grandmother in Switzerland and I think we brought our board back from there. I never knew/remembered the name.

11. Operation – This game made me nervous. I knew I was not destined to be a surgeon.

12. Yahtzee – This was the PERFECT camping game. Compact. Easy to play at a campsite picnic table. Mom, Big Sis and I played this all the time camping.

13. Sorry– When I think of this game, I think of the old Carol Burnett sketch with the Mama character playing Sorry. Ssooooorrryyyyyy!! Wait….here it is. At least the first five minutes. The rest of the sketch is not so much about the game.

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Song Shuffle

And now for something a little lighter.

I am stealing this from Harmaceutical. I saw this on his page a while ago and loved the idea. It’s actually not too dissimilar from something I do every once in a while. Hard to explain. Some people have the I Ching. Some people have Tarot cards. I have what I call my “musical augury.” Think that’s strange? Hello have we met?

You can play along if you want. The instructions come first. I’m not tagging anyone, but I’d love to hear anyone else’s results. I fully intend to do this again myself. Have fun!

(first a confession – I acutally did this one a while ago – not long after I read Harm’s. So, it’s doesn’t really apply to today.)

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesnt make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. Tag 5 ppl at their tagboard to ask them to do this!
5. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

1. How are you feeling today?

Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash. Wow – ok that would have worked if it was Sunday morning.

2. Will you get far in life?

Live for Today – Kosheen I like that answer much.

3. How do your friends see you?

Wolf Cry – Nature Quest. This is about 30 minutes of wolf song on a CD. That’s hilarious. Have you seen my tattoo?

4. Will you get married?

A Pain that I’m Used To – Depeche Mode Erg?

5. What is your best friends theme song?

Jingle Bells – Dan the Automator Remix, Christmas Remixed This goes well with one of my friends.

6. What is the story of your life?

The Time has Come – Mike Oldfield Funny. I think that’s another one along the lines of live for today.

7. What was high school like?

In the Circle – Hungry Lucy

8. How can you get ahead in life?

In Flight – Eddie Palmieri. An instrumental song, so I’m going to take it this means “Shut up.”

9. What is the best thing about your friends?

It’s a Man’s World – Cher I’m not sure what to make of that!

10. What is in store for this weekend?

There’s No Good Day for Dying – Maura O’ Connell Well, I didn’t die that weekend, so that’s good.

11. What song describes you?

Where are You Tonight – Cowboy Junkies Also trying to figure that on
e out. hhmmm…..

12. To describe your grandparents?

Softly – Hungry Lucy

13. How is your life going?

Aria – Delerium Is that supposed to mean I’m dramatic?

14. What song will they play at your funeral?

The White Room – The KLF

15. How does the world see you?

Cosmetics – Gowan. Ummm…….no.

16. Will you have a happy life?

Sunday Sun – Beck

17. What do your friends really think of you?

Family Man – Hall and Oates Thanks, but I’m not a man.

18. Do people secretly lust after you?

Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilsson hahahahahahaha

19. How can I make myself happy?

Valentine’s Day – Joshua Schramm

20. What should you do with your life?

Lay, Lady Lay – Bob Dylan. No comment.

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